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BT Cloud, and iOS 14

Just updated my iPhone 7 to iOS 14.

Before, the BT Cloud app was working perfectly.

Now it keeps crashing.

With iPad OS 14 there is no problem.

For the moment I have deleted the app from my iPhone, as the same pics can easily be backed up on my iPad, using the BT Cloud app

It's just annoying and needs fixing.

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Re: BT Cloud, and iOS 14

I'm using a Xr and just installed iOS14 and it seems to be OK, so far. You could maybe try re-installing the app.

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Re: BT Cloud, and iOS 14

Not much consolation, but you can undo the latest iOS update for your iPhone by connecting to a pc via iTunes. Then wait for a further release....there are some comments in the tech news, if you search.

It would be wise to put a query to Apple Forums for official advice on how to revert.

I updated mine today and changes appear to be cosmetic, with some features  which hopefully  can be disabled.

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Re: BT Cloud, and iOS 14



Sorry, no dice

No biggie.


As I said in post, it works fine on my iPad with iPad OS 14

As photos sync on both devices, I can wait to back them up till I am back at my room.

Thanks for help

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Re: BT Cloud, and iOS 14



Indeed, and I have decided to keep the app on my iPad, and back up photos later when I get back from taking pics out and about.


It backs them up fine on the iPad.

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