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BT Cloud problem with video files (mkv)

Since the update to BT Cloud a couple of weeks ago I haven't been able to upload video files to my cloud drive. They appear on the drive but can't be accessed, instead giving the message - this video is currently being processed, please try again later - How late is later? so far it's been several days & still the same message. Just to be sure it wasn't a problem with the files I deleted a file that was uploaded successfully before the update & re-uploaded it, but once again its hanging, its been processing for 2 days now. Someone needs to sort this.

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Re: BT Cloud problem with video files (mkv)

Are you using the website or an app for it? I had to uninstall my app on my iPad and download it again to get it working. It was fine on the website though.

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Re: BT Cloud problem with video files (mkv)

I've worked out what's going on, it's all to do with the file size. In the past, videos of less than 500MB would be 'processed' on uploading & then made available to play directly from the cloud. Videos over 500MB wouldn't be processed & would only be available to download. It would seem that the new cloud site is trying to process the larger files & getting stuck, not recognising them as being too big to process. I've discovered that by going into ALL FILES I can select the offending file & it will download from there, so it's no longer a problem (but it's still an annoyance).