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BT Cloud

Hi, can someone explain the difference between 'Upload' on the web client and 'Backup' on the Desktop client. I've used both and neither of them appear to be syncing to my laptop? I don't need to sync across multiple devices just want to sync to keep backed up file up to date. Thanks. 

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Re: BT Cloud

Hi. My understanding, and how it’s working on my PC, is that on the Desktop client  ‘Backup’ tab you choose which Folders on the PC you wish to be copied - backed up - into the Cloud. The Cloud will then  keep tabs on the individual Photos, Documents or whatever. If you change them in some way - Say add more text in a document for example but keep the file name the same - a updated version will be created in the Cloud too.  You can then go back in the Cloud at any time and download an older version if you wished. 

The ‘upload’ option on the website allows you to upload a file from any device (any device that can get to the cloud website of course) into the cloud. You could then share that file with others by generating a public link to copy into an email or whatever. Does that help?

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Re: BT Cloud

Yes, thank you pddco, it helps to confirm the way I was expecting it to work. Essentially then if I have no need to share files and photos across multiple devices, I only need to use the Backup feature from the Desktop Client? I have just done some changes to my documents as a test and I can see that they have synced to my Backup folders. Thanks again for the prompt response. 

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Re: BT Cloud

Yes. If all you want to do is backup your PC's files then that's fine. Just use the Backup tab to browse and selct the files  you wish to backup.

Once they are backed up you can of course go to the Cloud website and select any file to share with others using the public link. On the website I find it easier to navigate from the 'All my Files' option down the left hand side. You can then browse all the files like they're laid out on the PC.

Oh, about that 'BT Cloud' folder...

If you had content on other 'mobile' devices on which you've installed the app, their content would be backed up to the 'BT Cloud' folder that you may have seen on the website. You can see that folder on both the website (through 'All My Files ' > 'BT Cloud') and through the 'Sync' tab on the desktop client.  On the client you can then choose to automatically copy - and maintain any changes of the content - from the device to  your PC's hard drive (It ends up in the BT Cloud folder on your PC). 

Any changes you make to the file in the PC's BT Cloud folder will automatically be reflected in the copy on the device too. And vice versa. Hope this sort of makes sense.

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Re: BT Cloud

That's great and very clear. Thanks very much, appreciate your time explaining. 

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