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BT - Completely useless. (FTTP)

Ok here's my experience with BT.

I signed up for BT's 900mb FTTP during a black friday deal (November 19th 2020). I was told my installation would be completed on the 14th January.  I received my router and phone in the expected time. After waiting all day for the engineer to turn up to complete work outside the house, it never happened. I called BT the same night wondering what had happened (Didn't get a text, no call, no letter through the door saying I missed him). I was told that BT wasn't doing installations INSIDE the house because of covid-19, but work OUTSIDE of the house will continue and that I had missed the engineer that day. I clearly did not miss the engineer and if I did then why didn't I receive a call, text or any note saying that I did? Anyway, after speaking with BT over the phone, I was told I would be contacted in the next 24 hours to arrange another appointment. 24 hours later and no call. I decided to wait another 24 hours to see if anything would happen - it didn't. I then got a text explaining that covid-19 has caused installation problems and I would be contacted by openreach to arrange an appointment in the next 48 hours. Again, nothing happened.

After waiting another 3 weeks without a single call, text, or email from BT, I decided to give them a call to find out what was going on. After getting through on the phone (48 minutes of waiting) I was told that this shouldn't of happened and that I would be contacted by an engineer in the next 24 hours to arrange another appointment. Again, this didn't happen. So what can I do now? Cancel my order and keep the slow FTTC that i'm on now because BT are useless?  Or keep calling them and being told to wait 24 hours for a call that never happens? Is this normal to be treated like this from BT? Can I get some help somehow? Thanks.

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Re: BT - Completely useless. (FTTP)

Pretty much standard. Openreach have stopped all FTTP Installations until March unless it’s a New Service, as in the the End User has no forms of internet whatsoever and or they have sub 30Mbps Broadband, which is basically everyone on ADSL and probably about one third of the people on FTTC.

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