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BT Digital Voice: a better way to keep in touch

Digital Voice is our new home phone service that makes keeping in touch with loved ones even better. As our homes become more connected, we're combining our technologies onto one smart network to give you a future-ready connection. That means clearer calls with all the convenience and reliability you know and love today.


Your home phone, only better

With Digital Voice you’ll also get access to brand new handsets, which means even better features. Like crystal clear HD calling, giving you incredible sound quality on your home phone. It’s almost as if the person you’re speaking to is in the room with you.

And with our enhanced Call Protect service it’s never been easier to block nuisance calls. You can add any number to your personal blacklist with one touch of a button.

Digital Voice also comes with our Call Diversion Feature too. So, if you’re heading out, you can simply divert calls to your mobile and never miss an important conversation.

Or why not bring our smartest phone into your home with the brand-new Alexa built-in model only available on Digital Voice. With a voice command feature, you simply tap the Alexa button and ask to make calls, play music, hear the news, control smart devices and more.


Easy to upgrade

We want everyone to experience our best possible service, so all our Digital Voice plans come with free handset upgrades - you just need to choose the calling plan that’s right for you.


Digital Voice FAQ’s


  • Do I have to take up the Digital voice service when I regrade my contract when DV is available to me? 

Generally, yes you will need to move to Digital Voice when you regrade your service.


  • Can I use my existing router as opposed to using BT’s Smart hub? 

No, BT’s Digital Voice service is only available via the BT Smart Hub 2


  • Can my new Digital Voice phone connect to my complete Wi-Fi discs?   

No, you will not be able to connect your Digital Voice phone to BT’s Whole Home Wi-Fi discs or Complete Wi-Fi discs.  The reason for this is that the Hub uses DECT Technology rather than Wi-Fi to connect the digital voice phone.


  • Is there a way to extend the range of my Digital phone, so I can be further from the hub?

There shouldn’t be a need to, however, the position of your Hub does have an impact on both Wi-Fi and DECT performance.   The product uses DECT Technology, therefore, each handset has a range of up to 50m indoors/300m outdoors from the base station (in ideal conditions).


  • Can I use my own analogue phone, or do I need BT’s digital phone?

You can continue to use your existing phone by plugging it into the phone port on the back of the Hub.


  • Why can’t existing customers place an upgrade order for Digital Voice if they are on BT’s FTTP service?

We are working on this journey as it is not yet available, however, we will roll this out in the future.


  • How can I add additional handsets to the line?

You will be provided with a handset, free of charge at the time of your order, with up to 2 Essential Handsets or 1 Advanced with Alexa built-in handset.  If you wish to purchase additional handsets you can do so by calling 0800 100 150