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BT Digital Voice availability

I had a new fibre to the premises line installed in November and someone at BT assumed there was a vacant BT Openreach Line in the property and that was activated.

Well there is one line downstairs which is in use by other tenants and is on Sky broadband. They keep sending engineers out to fit a phone line that will be discontinued in the next few years because BT Openreach plan to close the copper phone line network by 2025.

Anyway back to the point, I have been paying for this service for months now and it doesn’t exist, so now they are refunding it.

I have asked for Digital voice since it’s a fibre to the premises product that they have sold me. Initially the agreed to this and told me to wait until midnight for the service to become active and they gave me a phone number for this new line. But guess what, the number belonged to someone else!

I have made my decision and I am not having any more work done inside , so no copper phone line thank you very much.

Why are BT not able to offer digital voice? Yet I’m able to use Vonage perfectly well. So because I’m paying for Vonage, BT keep refunding me for months without service. 

Upon ordering I specifically told the set up. But really what is the big deal in providing digital voice??

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Re: BT Digital Voice availability

Digital Voice is still in trial, so my assumption is that you will not be able to order it officially until the trial finishes and is deemed a success.

No one apart from BT knows how long that may be or what successful looks like for them.


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Re: BT Digital Voice availability


Assuming you have the new smart hub 2, there is already a phone port on it, which I believe BT will be using instead of the fibre voice system that uses the TEL1 connection on the ONT.

Trials of Digital Voice have already taken place, so I would expect to see a phased rollout starting soon.

smart hub 2.jpg

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Re: BT Digital Voice availability

Hi thanks for replying. Connecting the phone to the hub 2 gives a dead line.

Connecting the phone to the white unit on the wall for the fibre, under Tel1 the light is off and connecting the phone to this port also gives a dead line.

BT telephone numbers around here and what I have been given are 01322-520-XXX

BT digital voice numbers start with 01322-555-XXX unless you’re a business customer and have chosen an 080,084 of 087 not forgetting those strange 05 corporate numbers they used to give out for the old BT Broadband Talk service.

I’m not being funny but digital voice is something they should have started selling 5 years ago and making it compulsory instead of selling the old copper line service to new customers.

im refusing to have that copper line installed as I have been informed by the landlord that no further work is to be done. So they can keep compensating for it.

For now I’m using Vonage, it’s funny how they are perfectly capable of providing a VoIP service whilst BT can’t provide its own VoIP over its own Broadband.

Vonage is pretty impressive too. All the calling features,call hold and transfer calls works a dream.

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Re: BT Digital Voice availability

Hi @MNroshandel1 

You'll always get a dead line via the SH2 unless you were subscribing to the not yet available DV service.

I would imagine that it's relatively easy to provide VOIP service via an additional box, which is how I assume Vonage works, building the service into the infrastructure for the masses may be a different matter. Looking at the features offered by Vonage, I can't see anything special that they're offering.

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Re: BT Digital Voice availability


I have just upgraded to Ultrafast/ earlier in the week and rang up again to upgrade to the up to 300mbps service. During this conversation I was offered BT Digital Voice but declined it as I am not using the SM2 but using a Openreach Huawei/ZTLink MT992 with my own Unifi router/security gateway.

The Security gateway does have a voip port on it so the question is, is it possible to configure this for BT Digital Voice?

Regards, Paul

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Re: BT Digital Voice availability


Digital Voice is currently in trials so I doubt you will get any information until trial is complete and more is known

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Re: BT Digital Voice availability

When people say it is still in trial it is been offered by BT sales, I was offered it yesterday not as part of a trial.



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Re: BT Digital Voice availability

@G4HLF wrote:

When people say it is still in trial it is been offered by BT sales, I was offered it yesterday not as part of a trial.



If they are now offering it, then it would only work with the SH2 which has the appropriate internal firmware.

BT used to have a digital voice service some years ago, called Broadband Talk, which relied on the internal hardware of the original home hub 1, 1.5 and 2.

It was then possible to use Sipdroid or similar software, but that was stopped because of security concerns, but it was very good while it lasted.

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Re: BT Digital Voice availability

You need a SH2 and also a special BT phone, I think.

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