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BT Disc

My BT disc has worked well since installation months ago. It's now stopped working & the red light is flashing. I've done several reinstallations by reconnecting to the hub all as per the My BT app & I've reset to factory settings. With the yellow ethernet cable connected the light goes solid blue, but as soon as it's removed it goes back to red flashing. Is the disc damaged & how do I get things working again? My internet connection via the main hub is not affected. Thanks for any help / suggestions

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Re: BT Disc

Hi @ChrisCarley welcome to the community and thanks for posting, I'm sorry to see you're having problems with your wifi disc.

Do you have the BT Whole home wifi or complete wifi Discs? The easiest why to tell is the Whole home wifi discs are white and the complete wifi discs are black? 

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Re: BT Disc

Thanks for response


The BT disc is black

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Re: BT Disc

@ChrisCarley thanks for replying, I needed to know which discs you have so I could point you in the right direction. It does sound like a fault as you've tried everything already to try and resolve this yourself.

If you call 0800 800 150 and speak to broadband faults they'll be able to help you with that and replace the disc if needs be.

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