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BT Family Sim

Was looking to change the SIM plan I have for my Family Sim as the current plans offer more data for less monthly cost than my current plan, but when going into the option to change I'm presented with various plans that don't match those shown on the website at all!

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Re: BT Family Sim

Hi @BehindTheGeek 

Welcome to the BT Community and thanks for posting!

I am sorry for the delay getting back to you and for the problems you had changing your BT Mobile SIM plan.  Did you get this sorted since you posted?

If you're still having problems reach out to my colleagues on 0800 800 150 and they'll give you a hand.



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Re: BT Family Sim

Sadly not, now the same page shows 3 of each available plan of which none match the current listed plans.  

As this is yet another issue on the site with my account I think I’ll just see the next couple of months of my fibre contract out and then move everything elsewhere?

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Re: BT Family Sim

The tariffs presented on the webpage to up or downgrade your package in My BT are always worse than those for new customer.

They’re almost always worse than what the mobile team can offer you too! I’d called 150 and see what they can offer you. I’ve changed a few of my lines over the past few years and they’ve always been able to offer me a better price/package.

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Re: BT Family Sim

Phoning to manage an online account not only defeats the point of an online account but comes with accessibility issues.  
Other providers allow full and accurate online account management and if you need to contact them provide quick and easy accessibility options.  BT always come back with the simple answer of ‘call us’.

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