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BT Halo 3 order pricing

So here goes.....i had an issue with so called halo keep connected promise. Last month when my internet went down the online reporting tool couldnt get my bt mini hub activated or unlimited data added my bt mobile as promised so i was without broadband for a few days and it cost me but BT offered a £10 goodwill which is a joke. 

i was about to leave BT broadband for a better deal elsewhere until i logged into my account and saw good deals on Halo3+. Seemed good in terms of ee backup etc. So i contacted the live chat to place the order on on one of deals shown  for Fibre 250 halo 3+.  Adviser asked for screenshots of the deals shown in my account, after sending them in he got them approved from his manager and confirmed the deal of Halo 3+  for £30 a month his manager is offering me. I signed the online agreement via link received  on my mobile. All confirmed and signed for 24 months. 

in the evening i call to ask when will my new contract start, was told looks like my order has not gone through and the advisor was trying to get me to sign up for £48 a month. Is this suppose to be a joke. First you missold a premium halo package where you dont help customers keep connected and now i have been lied to and signed an agreement for a deal that now im being told i cant have. Well i told him to raise a complain to the highest dept and also a complaint will be going to ofcom for misseling.  This is just so unprofessional and ridiculous considering i was about to go elsewhere and BT has stopped me by offering a deal by deceiving me, this has cost me!

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Re: BT Halo 3 order pricing

Hi @Beetee3, welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. I've moved your post to create your own thread as the original thread is for feedback on the product. Sorry that you have been told you would get the Halo 3+ and the order was not put through and now you are getting quoted a different price. I've sent you a Private Message with details on how to contact the Mod team and we'll be happy to help you further with this.



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Re: BT Halo 3 order pricing

Thanks i have just responded to your message

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