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BT Halo and 4G broadband

Just a query regarding BT Halo and the potential for 4G internet in an area with no fibre available.  


If you are on Halo there is the option for unlimited 4G internet if you also purchase a BT unlimited data Sim add-on (£25 extra/month).


Could you insert the BT Sim into a compatible 4G router and connect to your computer via Ethernet for an unlimited 4g internet connection?  4G is supposed to have speeds in the region of superfast broadband although with slightly higher latency.  I would order a BT sim to test speeds and 4g connection quality before going ahead with anything.


Just wanted to confirm the above is possible and that there is apparently no other way to achieve an unlimited 4g connection with BT than the above?   Other 4g providers dont operate in our location or either limit data too low to be of use.

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