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BT Hub not visible for wireless devices

Good morning,

I hope this is in the right topic area.

This morning I noticed that my main BTHub6 was not visible/available on my wireless devices (iphone & Firestick). 

(The wired connected ones are ok FYI)

Only the split 5Ghz signal is visible!  (I think last night the Hub must have gone through an update/reset).

FYI - Back in early Sept I contacted BT who split my Hub signals to 2Ghz and 5Ghz, and both signals always appeared until this morning where the main one isn't.  I have connected both of the wireless devices to the 5Ghz and it is ok.

But why isn't the main Hub visible, please help?

Many thanks


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Re: BT Hub not visible for wireless devices

possibly the firmware update has not completed correctly  you can factory reset hub by pressing the recessed button on back and holding for 20/30 secs until lights flash   when hub restarts then you need to turn off smart setup and split networks again


Turn Off smart setup



Split the networks




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Re: BT Hub not visible for wireless devices

Hi imJolly,

Thanks for your reply.

Should I first just reset the Hub to see if that works and if not, I’ll try the factory reset?

(Just popped out at the mo)
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