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BT Mail... outlook... sync... again...

I cannot access my email via Outlook 2007. This has been the case for over a week since I managed to join my BT ID and BT email passwords together by mistake... (why doesn't it warn you that this is what will happen??). I can access my email via webmail, iPad and iPhone, but Outlook says that I have the incorrect password - which I clearly don't. No amount of re-entering or changing will make it work... Reading on the forums here that this normally is a server issue at the BT end... so can this be sorted please??

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Re: BT Mail... outlook... sync... again...

If you can access mail via webmail and also via mail apps on iPhone and iPad it isn't the usual server problem as the Apple devices will be using the same server as Outlook. Are you sure you are entering the correct server details in Outlook.


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Re: BT Mail... outlook... sync... again...

Yes, absolutely. Have tried all combinations of security settings as well, but nothing happening..desktop outlook.jpg

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Re: BT Mail... outlook... sync... again...

Suggest you try stopping all devices accessing email, change password again in webmail, wait at least 20 minutes and then try devices one at a time with new password.

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