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BT/McAfee Family Protection

This morning I have installed BT Virus Protect on my computer (running Windows 10). I now have an icon on my desktop labelled "Set up Family Protection". When I clicked on it the first time, I got a message saying this product was now discontinued and I should uninstall and install BT Parental Controls. When I click the icon now, it comes up with a window asking for Administrator email address and password. I have tried various combinations of email address and passwords but it doesn't recognize anything. I've tried to reset the password using the password reset link, but it doesn't recognize my email address. I have spend 25 minutes with the online chat support, who eventually told me to call the tech support team, who were unable to help me either !!! Does anyone know how I can uninstall the Family Supprt app. I have tried using the windows uninstall, but again it leads me to a page requiring a McAfee account username and password.

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Re: BT/McAfee Family Protection

Have you tried using your BTID and password or which ever username and password that you used when setting up BT Parental Controls. If you have tried them and they don't work  you may find that you have to uninstall BT Virus Protect in its entirety in order to remove its add on family protection.

My advice and that of others on the forum would be to uninstall BT Virus Protect. It can cause problems on some computers, as you have already found, and it is a resource hog. Do a search of the forum to see the problems. There are far better free antivirus programs available such as Avast Free and AVG Free.

If you do want to uninstall BTVirus protect use this guide and make sure you use the BTVirus Protect/McAfee removal tool after you have restarted your computer.

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