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BT Parental Controls are not blocking adult or inappropriate content


I have turned on BT parental controls with the strict setting but adult or inapropriate content is still being displayed.

I have tested this by going to an adult site myself and I can still access the site despite the parental ccontrol setting being set to strct (which should block all adult content or at least a signiicant ammount of it)

The parental control settings that I am refering to are the network level settings that are applied on the smart hub and should automatically block adult and inapropriate conent on all connected devices.

These used to work perfectly fine.

I really need these settings turned on and to work because I have kids in the house and my family often brings their children as well - some of whome are young teenagers and I dont want them to find their way onto adult or inapropriate sites, either accidentlally or on purpose.

I have also tried adding sites directly to the My Blocked Websites list and during a test, I could still visit them.

I also tried adding the addresses for the BT DNS as listed here to force my connection to use the BT Name Servers exclusivly and I could still visit blocked sites or sites that should have been blocked by parental controls.  Obviously this was just me testing though, and even if it had worked, I would not have been able to edit the network connections on all devices that connect to my network.

The only way I can get my parental controls to work, is to connect via the BT Wifi hotspot and login with my BT ID, which is not feasable either but the parental contols did work in that senario.

Can someone please help me solve this problem because I have been trying and researching for weeks and havent getting it fixed.



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Re: BT Parental Controls are not blocking adult or inappropriate content

Hi @jaytelford,

Can you try what suggested on - I've got a problem with BT Parental Controls

If you have recently changed the controls to "strict",   it would be worthwhile clearing your browser's cache and trying again.


Give that a go and let me know how you get on.



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