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BT Premium Mail - How to close an account

There are zillions of posts already, here and in other forums, on how bad the BT (Yahoo or otherwise) Premium Email service is in terms of connectivity and technical help.  And the final insult by BT to any customer who wishes to cancel their "Premium" Email service is that all the links on their website for  cancelling a Premium Email account actually don't lead to an account cancellation option at all but only to deletion of an email address within an account.  And you can spend 70 minutes, as I did, on their chat help line and they'll give you a complete run-around on false links and wrong phone numbers. - And all this for keeping a simple yahoo email address alive - never mind the fact that it costs the same as my Netflix subscription !!

Jumping now to the point of this email.....


- have your Premium Email account Number ready (mine was in format AA NNNN NNNN - I think name, address and dob would also have worked;

- call 0800 800 030

- take the star (*) option

- ask for cancellation and for a confirmatory email to be sent (I got the email within 10 minutes).

Bear in mind there is apparently a 30 days notice in whatever contract you entered for the email address. Ask for the final bill to be sent by post to you postal address.

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