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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

@derekscarborough Although Sky are going to be bringing out their puck as a standalone device later in the year so that's Sky Glass without the TV. The recordings is a sticking point but getting Sky Sports in UHD does make it an attractive option for me as sport is pretty much all I watch in terms of live TV, I can then downgrade BT to purely BT Sport (dependant on how the Discovery deal shakes out) to keep BT in 4K.
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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

Yes I have seen news of a standalone puck for sky glass, but the whole setup of sky glass as it stands does not appeal to me, I like the ability to record locally and watch at a time of my choosing. The playlist idea and getting programmes from apps (mostly in SD) doesn't sound very good in this day when most people have 4K TV's.

Don't get me wrong I am happy with the BT Pro box when it works as it should (I am on my second box now), but there have been too many problems since it's launch last year.

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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

Yeah the recordings thing is a bit of a concern mainly for me it's the overnight sporting events (such as the about to start NBA finals) relying on things getting put onto a VOD service isn't ideal.

Obviously the best way would be for Sky's UHD stuff to be on BT but considering how long it took for the NOW tv deal to come to fruition that's a pipe dream.  I think as with many things it'll be come down to price especially if we're looking at another massive BT price rise next year, along with how fed up I get with the Pro Box's foibles.  

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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

My box started ghost recordings last week after a software update. Glad to hear BT boffins can replicate the problem. Look forward to a tested resilient solution!

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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

Did a software reset keeping recordings from the maintenance menu and things looked promising with successful recordings (allbeit with accompanying failed to records) in the afternoon up to Coronation Street.  However, 3 scheduled recordings after that failed, with recording only starting when I switched the box on.  Even then The Rock and Inside No 9 started recording late, even though Abigail's Party started on time.

A suggestion for a sales slogan for the Pro Box - Consistently inconsistent!

I have now tried a Factory Reset keeping recordings from the maintenance menu to see how that goes.

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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

I was getting errors today that there were problems with the channel I was watching - even though there was no interruption.

I did a retune of the channels just in case and all my recordings have disappeared again!

Is anyone from BT actually reading these posts and doing anything about the issues we are having or are we just screaming into the void?

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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

Just screaming I suspect…..
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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

My recordings have failed again.

This time just on non-freeview programmes only.

I tried to call but they have closed the contact centre to thank their staff.

I tweeted about it and they DM'd me. They are sending me a new box which is due to arrive tomorrow.

I'm assuming I will have to set up all my recordings and passwords again but I will let you know how it all goes.

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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry about the delay in getting back to you. I've had an update to say the ghost failed recording problem was resolved in the last firmware update. If you're still seeing ghost failed recordings please can you delete any current series recordings and create new ones as that should sort this for you?



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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

Oh dear - 2 failed recordings on Channel 4 last night, but no actual recording. 
Has the issue returned?

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