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BT Smart Baby Monitor - parent unit beeping at night

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We have had our second BT Smart baby monitor since May last year. This was a replacement as the parent unit on the first one we had stopped holding its charge after about 10 months.

Over the last few nights, the parent unit on this one has started beeping loudly at around 2.30am, waking us all up (including baby in a separate room). This is not the same double beep as when the battery is low, and not the same long beep you get when the parent unit can't pick up the camera signal. It's a regular single beep. It stops if you briefly press the power button. 

The parent unit is always plugged in at night, and we've never had any problems with reception between the camera and the parent unit. 


Can anyone advise what the problem might be with this? This is the second unit we've had in as many years which now seems to be failing. 

Thanks in advance. 


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Re: BT Smart Baby Monitor - parent unit beeping at night

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Support is via the product helpdesk.

Product helpdesk information

If your product is within warranty:

By phone: 0808 100 6554

Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm

Saturday 9am to 2pm

By email: Click here for email support


If your product is out of warranty contact BT's recommended agent

By phone: 0800 980 8999

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