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BT Smart Hub 6 and NAT

Due to living in a cottage with 2 foot thick stone walls I have had to install a Linksys Velop mesh system. Now I have a 'Double NAT' issue.

I cannot disable NAT on my BT Smart Hub 6 so I have tried every which way to connect an ASUS AC68U but it will not see the internet for love nor money despite several posts I have read about this.

Is there a sure fired way of replacing the BT Smart Hub 6 with the ASUS or is there another router I could buy that will do the job?

I know there has been much on this topic but nothing quite seemed to fix it for me.

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Re: BT Smart Hub 6 and NAT

That asus is a router and what you need is a separate modem hence why no internet connection. You should have bought the modem/router version of asus 

you could get a hg612 modem from auction

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Re: BT Smart Hub 6 and NAT

There are actually two versions of the Asus kit.

DSL-AC68U has a built in modem

RT-AC68U doesn't.

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Re: BT Smart Hub 6 and NAT

Hmm ok thanks, expensive mistake! Thanks again.

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Re: BT Smart Hub 6 and NAT

You should be able to turn the Velop's DHCP server off, have you tried that ?

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Re: BT Smart Hub 6 and NAT

I cant see any way to turn NAT off in the Velop, I can change the IP range but that is all.

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Re: BT Smart Hub 6 and NAT


You have to put it in bridge mode.


It will lose a few monitoring features eg speed testing though.

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Re: BT Smart Hub 6 and NAT

Yes I did know about bridge mode but I am trying to avoid it as you loose quite a few features, may end up the only answer though!

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Re: BT Smart Hub 6 and NAT

Older versions of the firmware allowed you to access a web config page, bypassing the app, which does allow you to turn off DHCP on the Velop.

See here for an example:


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