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BT Smart Hub - configuration changed

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I just bought a Hitachi 24 Inch 24HB21T65U Smart HD Ready LED Freeview TV
Set it up, and it asked to be connected to the wi-fi and to press the WPS key on my router
I do this, it's connected and working, youtube, Netflix etc

But now my BT Home Hub is missing from my iPhone, iPad etc
It now just says BTWi-fi Unsecure Network
I no longer see my original BT Smart Hub info: BTHub6-R2CF

I login to my hub on my PC - Home / Wireless / Change Settings
My network name is now: Broadcom_0613834
Security type: WPA2 (recommended)
Wireless mode: Mode 1

And now I have a security password that I have never seen before.

I used the new Broadcom_0613834 and new security password and successfully login on my iPhone, iPad etc

I'm very concerned that this is not secure wi-fi.
All of my ethernet devices work ok.
Can anyone explain what has happened to my home wi-fi network or advise what I should do?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: BT Smart Hub - configuration changed

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You can reset back to factory settings by pressing recessed button on back and hold 20/30secs until lights flash   SSID should back to original 

You shod then turn off smart setup and set password what you had and devices tldhould connect  then just connect yv manually without WPS 

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Re: BT Smart Hub - configuration changed

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Ok, thank you. I'll give that a go.

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Re: BT Smart Hub - configuration changed

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That did it! Thank you.

Just for my own piece of mind, is there a particular reason why this would happen? Was it connected to my set-up of the smart TV and how can I avoid this in the future?

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