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BT SmartHub (HH6) - Compatibility with home music streaming devices (Gramofon, Sonos...)


As a victim of  BT's SmartHub (HH6) I know from there are many ongoing issues with the Smarthub. But this post is about compatibility with music streaming devices. It is not about 'faults' with the Smarthub - simply about compatibilty with devices. 


I discovered this issue when I was fiddling with my Gramofon devices trying to get them to work with the new Smarthub. I have been using Gramofon for about 18 months. Great little things. Plug in the audio cables to your hifi and stream from Spotify. Use AllPlay jukebox with Gramofon and you can stream your own music and sync it throughout your house. Gramofon is the cheap and cheerful alternative to Sonos.


But, as I found out the hard way, Gramofon is not compatible with the SmartHub (HH6). It sort of works in a limited way but you get continual drop outs. The gamechanger for me was that you could not get the sync feature to work. I could only get it to work in this very limited way by switching the dual band pf the hub off. But as my mobile could only connect to the 5ghz band it was not really practical to keep fiddling at the hub. I switched back to HH5 and all is well.


From doing a bit of research I learned that the SmartHub uses the wifi standard 802.11ac Wave 2; dual band 2.4/5ghz. This is not compatible with Gramofon devices.


Quote from Gramofon


"Here you will find all the basic requirements that your router should meet in order to guarantee an enjoyable Gramofon user experience:


WiFi standard:802.11 B/G/N-Mixed (only B or G or N, or AC not compatible) must be set to 2.4Ghz (5Ghz or dual band mode not supported)"


Key points is the incompatibility with the 'AC' and 5Ghz dual band not supported. This helped to explain how I could get it to work only by disabling the 5Ghz (at the expense of the connectivity of my phone!).


Somebody else on this site has mentioned an issue with compatibility with Sonos but I don't know enough about this. It might be an idea for Sonos users to post any compatibility issues with the Smarthub here.





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Re: BT SmartHub (HH6) - Compatibility with home music streaming devices (Gramofon, Sonos...)

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