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BT Sport App - New features available on Android and iOS

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Hi Everyone,

BT Sport Ultimate customers using iOS have enjoyed some of these features already, but the good news is that these features will be available to all BT Sport customers irrespective of the Android or Apple handsets you may use, provided you have the right version of the operating system (Android 6, iOS10 or above).


Watch Together - Watch Together is the only service allowing fans to watch, see and chat with three other friends, alongside any BT Sport broadcast, thanks to a split-screen interface.  You can create your own Watch Together rooms and invite friends (who also needs to have a BT Sport subscription) to join you to create a unique match viewing experience. 

Watch together.png.jpg



Manager Mode - Will allow you to have the choice of adding real-time graphics as part of the match coverage augmented on the pitch. The feature provides informative and insightful stats, such as a mini-map tracking the positions of all players for a tactical viewpoint, plus player names, player speeds and distances…with more to come soon!

Manager mode.png.jpg



Coming Soon to Andriod - Stadium Experience (AR) – You can use an augmented reality doorway in the BT Sport app to be transported from wherever you are, into an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience of leading football teams and sporting stadiums. Depending on the club and stadium, these include areas such as dressing rooms, dugouts, trophy rooms and tunnel areas.   This feature is available now on iOS  




Improved 360 - Watch live action from a range of sporting events in BT Sport’s best ever 360° service. BT Sport was the first in the world to offer live sports in 360° and the enhanced Match Day Experience provides picture quality never seen before. A new “pinch and zoom” functionality enables fans to home in on their desired areas of interest to recreate the feeling of being at the ground. 360° offers viewers the chance to select different camera angles and viewpoints not normally seen in the broadcast. It also provides a completely different viewing experience from the usual fixed-camera positions, allowing viewers to look around in all directions. 




Coming Soon - Match Day Live  - BT Sports customers can access team line-ups, formations and in-game stats brought to life through stunning augmented reality from wherever they are watching the action.



What are the device technical requirements to use these great new features?


  • These features are available to all BT Sport customers
  • Watch together will require Android 6 or iOS10 or above to work
  • Side menu which includes, Manager Mode, Watch Together, Match Day live and Enhanced player will require Android 5 or above.  The new side menu will let you know if your device can use the feature you have selected
  • Augmented Reality (AR) will require Android 7 or iOS13, on a 64bit device that supports AR
  • Manager mode does not have any specific requirements so should work on all devices
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Re: BT Sport App - New features available on Android and iOS

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have these release been tested for Nvidia shield / android tv app? as it has ceased functioning
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Re: BT Sport App - New features available on Android and iOS

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Check the Play Store for updates @toby_ruddle - unfortunately an app update was incorrectly pushed to Android TV devices on Thursday night. A fix was released last night.

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Re: BT Sport App - New features available on Android and iOS

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Nailed it - all sorted 😄

thank you

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