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BT Sport App

Is there any plan for people of the Channel Islands to be allowed permissions to view the Bt Sports app..

 I know the Channel Islands are not part of the U.K.

But they are not part of the E.U either.

and so whilst I understand the message

”you are not allowed to view........ as outside of the U.K. “ etc etc 

will we be allowed, is there a way?

we have in the past been afforded the same benefits as the U.K. for tv packages etc


if anyone can shed any light on this I would be grateful 





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Re: BT Sport App

BT did allow people from the Channel Islands  to purchase BT SPORT but that has now changed and you cannot now purchase BT SPORT

if you search forum you will find other posts

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Re: BT Sport App

I am trying to watch the bt app on my phone, I have the access to the it as part of my phone contract, it is a U.K. based contract with EE.

I will ask on the EE boards but I don’t expect any good news.

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Re: BT Sport App

BT Sport and BT TV content can be watched from the relevant apps when in the channel islands (as our content rights allow it), however BT do not sell either product there and the apps are not available for download there.
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