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BT Sport Monthly Pass from Australia


I am a resident of Perth, Australia and would like to get the BT Sport £25 Monthly Pass. However, my Australian postcode is not accepted on your website. I have seen many similar posts on this forum in which a moderator took the user's postcode and worked things out; would the same be possible here? I can supply the postcode if needed. Further, I tried to get the monthly pass using my relatives UK address & it repeatedly said that my card was declined, however, I have checked with my bank that the card is indeed valid.

Many thanks,


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Re: BT Sport Monthly Pass from Australia

sorry now restricted to uk

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Card declined when attempting to order BT Sport Monthly Pass



I am trying to order BT Sport Monthly Pass. I have tried different email addresses, however, the website still shows an error saying my card has been declined. I have confirmed with my bank and card provider that these accounts are ok. 
I have spoken to BT on the phone with no luck. I have tried to access Live Chat, as advised this was an online product only but have been unsuccessful. 

Thanks in advance. 


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Re: BT Sport Monthly Pass from Australia

Even if you managed to find a way to bypass the card validation, you would still be blocked from watching content from Australia. It's only available to watch from inside the UK - VPNs are blocked.
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