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BT Sport Ultimate best option


I currently have Sky with Sky Sports and an LG 4K Smart TV, was looking at adding BT Sport, Sky were offering it for £25 a month but through Sky you don't get BT Sport Ultimate and there is no LG TV app for BT. So what are my best options?

I want all BT Sport channels including Ultimate, so I think my best option is a Monthly Pass which is also £25 and includes Ultimate, but I would need a separate device, if so, which one would be cheapest to buy to watch in 4K?



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Re: BT Sport Ultimate best option

The cheapest way to watch in 4k is with the BT tv box with the 4k add on or app only sub with the ultimate add on - both £15 plus £5 for the add on's

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Re: BT Sport Ultimate best option

@SPWebb1985  we've got BT TV but find the apps for Netflix etc are a bit flakey on the Youview box. It also doesn't support HDR10 so we bought a Roku Streaming Stick+ from Argos for £50... Cracking streaming stick with loads of content, both free and premium such as Disney+ and Netflix etc. 

I use it for all streaming services and liked it so much, I bought another for the bedroom 👌

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Re: BT Sport Ultimate best option

@garybs29  Don't I need to sign up for BT Broadband too with those though?

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Re: BT Sport Ultimate best option

@NigelB72 thanks, yeah I was looking at Roku or the Google Chromecast but wasnt sure which was best

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Re: BT Sport Ultimate best option

@SPWebb1985 The Chromecast is literally a casting device from your phone etc to the Chromecast. The Roku stores all the apps on the actual stick and there are thousands of channels (apps) available through their channel (app) store. I'd definitely go Roku over Chromecast. I tried Chromecast once and found the set-up to be a ballache whereas Roku supply all NowTV's sticks etc so they all play nicely together

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Re: BT Sport Ultimate best option

Yes you need BT broadband for that but it is the cheapest way to get it

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Re: BT Sport Ultimate best option

If you don't have BT Broadband then a Roku+ or Fire Stick 4k would be your cheapest options @ ~£50. I definitely wouldn't advise a normal Chromecast or Chromecast Ultra, but £60 would get you the new Chromecast with Google TV which is my favourite device by far.
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Re: BT Sport Ultimate best option

@DarrenDev thanks, will need to choose between Roku, Amazon, NowTV or Google then lol

Any idea if BT Sport Ultimate will be coming to Sky? or if BT Sport app will be coming to LG TVs?

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Re: BT Sport Ultimate best option

Not allowed to say I'm afraid @SPWebb1985 ... the best I can say is that we'll always aim to prioritise direct BT Sport subscribers for the biggest and best features, and we're constantly reviewing the platforms we support. 🙂
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