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BT Sport app - another issue!


Apologies for any frustration, it's another day with another issue.

So I have cancelled BT sport and BT TV as they were out of contract and not really needed as I could get Freeview and believe I should get BT sport app access as I have broadband and a mobile however now that the sport and TV is cancelled I can no longer access the app.

Please can someone help as I have already tried live chat who told me I am wrong although the website clears states I can have access as did the advisor dealing with my current complaint.

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Re: BT Sport app - another issue!

BT Sport stopped being free for BT Broadband customers many years ago.

If you believe that your BT Mobile subscription should include a BT Sport entitlement then please follow the steps at to confirm that your BT Mobile subscription is correctly associated with your BT ID.

Let me know how you get on - accounts can become messed up if there was more than one reason why you would have been entitled and subscription changes are made.

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Re: BT Sport app - another issue!

Ok understood, the most frustrating this is as I was requesting the sport package to be cancelled I was advised I do still get free access.

I've come across this page that states certain mobile plans still get the app free, is this still valid?

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Re: BT Sport app - another issue!

Everyone gets "free" access - i.e. there are thousands of clips, highlights, and articles available without logging in.  Having access to the live channels included as part of another subscription is slightly different, so there may have been confusion there.

That article is still correct though - if you have a BT Mobile subscription as per the rules shown on that page, you should have access to BT Sport on your phone or tablet.  If this is the case for you, make sure your BT Mobile account is included on your BT ID in Account Holder state.  If that is the case, send me a DM with your BT ID and I'll get it sorted.

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