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BT Sport on App on Amazon Firebox

As sky cocked up my request NOT to transfer to them, My Broadband Service got transferred over to them on 12.9.18 -

I phoned BT to have my BT account/service re-instated - 2 weeks time! , anyway the operator stated I could watch BT Sport via the App on my Amazon Firebox - however it states when I log in to the app on the firebox with my 'old' BT account id - You need to upgrade your subscription - I started a Live chat explained the problem, the operator promptly left the chat - I phoned up and have just spent a complete waste of 35 minutes with an operator who was utterly clueless and then tried transferring me to somewhere else which just rang and rang til it rang out.

Is it possible to watch the bt sport via the app on an amazon firebox?

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Re: BT Sport on App on Amazon Firebox

Hi @Ronof9 can i clarify which app you are attempting to run is it  the BT TV app or the BT Sport app  ?


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