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BT Sport on account but channels not working "please upgrade"

Since I moved house (and moved by broadband with me), the BT SPORT channels have not worked and the screen tells me to upgrade. On calling BT they can confirm BT Sport is showing on my services . When they try and "go into" the service it tells them my landline doesn't match the account (which they have confirmed it does) and are basically unable to help me further. I have rebooted router & sky box. Clearly the issue is at the BT end but no one seems to be able to help me. My internet speed is terrible at the new property. I'm on copper 1mbps. Could this be related at all? 

I've been passed around tech teams, value team, home move team. Who else can I speak to?


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Re: BT Sport on account but channels not working "please upgrade"

Hi @Larbuckle welcome to the community and thanks for posting, I'm really sorry to see your BT Sport channels are not working since you moved home.  BT Sport on Sky does not need broadband so it could be a records issue causing this, when you moved did you get Sky to update the address records they hold for you? 



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