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BT Sub account

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Hi all

I set up a  seconds or sub account for my wife. However, I cannot change the password in the "manage your email" section. There appears to be no facility to do that. It indicates that I should clear that account and  set up anew one, which is not really helpful. After googling the issue still non the wiser


Any advice on what I should do.


Thank you


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Re: BT Sub account

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Log into the email account and change it in ' settings'.

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Re: BT Sub account

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If you have set up an email account for your wife then "gifted" it to her and she accepted the email account and set up her own BTID you will no longer be able to change the email password because it is no longer one of your email accounts.

It is now your wife's email account and she manages it and can change the password without any intervention by you.  You would only be able to change it if you have access to her email account and password or if you have access to her MyBT.

See link about gifting email addresses and managing them.

How do I create and activate a new BT Email address? | BT Help

If you have not gifted the email account you should be able to change the password by going logging onto the email account and clicking on your username at the top right then clicking on" account info" then "change my password" 

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Re: BT Sub account

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Fantastic thanks I gifted her the email account. She logged in and changed the password. Job done. 



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