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BT TV and NOW TV account merge - NOT ADVISABLE!

Not an advisable move!

BT informed me before agreeing to take NOW TV Entertainment Pass on BT that merging my NOW TV account with BT  would not impact how I manage the earlier.  This is far from the truth! Be warned! What used to be a simple click of a button on NOW TV to cancel one of my rolling sports pass now requires a phone call to BT and it took an hour to connect to them

Was given so much grieve by BT customer "support" today when trying to separate my NOW TV account from BT (to gain back control over my NOW TV account). Customer service was rude, refused to listen to what I have to say, constantly talking over me and trying to sell and add Sky Sports to my BT TV package as solution. Was told I have to pay a penalty to separate my NOW TV account which basically cancels my NOW TV Entertainment Pass and BT Sport which were part of my 2 year contract with BT. This was not the case when I called BT 6 weeks earlier and was told that the NOW TV Entertainment Pass (with BT) is a monthly rolling contract. There's no penalty to cancel and best to cancel towards the end of the month so not to lose out.     

Filed a complain and got a call back from one of BT customer support manager. After much discussion was informed that I could switch my NOW TV Entertainment Pass (with BT) to BT Essential TV and thus detach my NOW TV account. However, I will have to re-register with NOW TV using a different e-mail address as it will no longer accept the original e-mail (due to the account merge with BT). Decided to go ahead and not have any NOW TV linked to BT after all the grieve and frustration they've given me.

What a Palaver! DO NOT merge your NOW TV account with BT! It only messes everything up.







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Re: BT TV and NOW TV account merge - NOT ADVISABLE!

I did mine months ago, never had any issues and can remove and add packages online without any issues at all.

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Re: BT TV and NOW TV account merge - NOT ADVISABLE!

Maybe some but definitely not for all NOW TV packages e.g. NOW sports mobile month pass.

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Re: BT TV and NOW TV account merge - NOT ADVISABLE!

Surely it's simple to sign up directly to NowTV again with a new email once you've removed the NowTV content from your BT TV package. I'm another one who finds changing packages with BT very easy @jam2000 

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