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Re: BT TV fiasco...

Thanks Andy, yes it looks that way. Signal strength fluctuates constantly, so I agree that it's probably aerial-related.
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Re: BT TV fiasco...


What signal range and quality is is showing? Does it ever show 100% signal?


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Re: BT TV fiasco...

Yes and yes to both your questions. How many times do I have to be down in front of the YouView box with BT India on the phone, following their instructions? Plenty of times, is the answer. Those guys are good over in India, but between us we couldn't sort the issue.


I cancelled the BT engineer rather than face a potential £129 bill that the small print mentioned in a subsequent email, i.e.  “if the engineer couldn’t find any fault…”. This was after I’d bought an aerial booster off my own back in a vain attempt to sort things out. It was a cheaper option that didn't work.


So please don't sit there spouting inane statements like "You've not actually given BT a chance to fix the issues you're having have you ?" Because if you read the "lengthy diatribe" you'd have spotted the sentence that contains the words "…I contacted India several times to try to solve the issue…".


And I’ve only been contacted because I posted on the forum here. It’s the quickest, least frustrating way to get some help, as it appears I’ve exhausted the India call centre suggestion list.

This morning I’ve had a good chat with RobbieMac (in response to his post above) who’s going to try get this whole thing sorted. We both understand where the other is coming from, and I think we’ll get things concluded before much longer.
In BT's defence, the YouView box is nice and responsive, the service from India has been excellent, albeit they were ultimately unable to assist, and I have a reasonable broadband connection from BT.


Please get your facts right before you fire off any more non-constructive posts.

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Re: BT TV fiasco...

Please note that my response above is directed to wwwebber.

Don't know why they aren't 'quoted' in the body of my reply.
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Re: BT TV fiasco...

Ok, it's time for an update on my original posts. 
Firstly, huge thanks to Robbie Mac from BT; He dealt with my issues in a very professional manner - BT have a great guy on their team there. He followed up on everything, called when he said he would and generally did his utmost to get the problem sorted.
On the back of Robbie's efforts to get the aerial fitters back to my house to look at what was going on, here we are around three or four weeks down the line from having a new aerial and booster fitted. The fitters weren't at all impressed with the way the original aerial had been set up by the previous fitters, and stated so at some length. To that end, they went up and fitted a better aerial on the tallest mast they had, complete with a better booster.


The fitters did ‘caveat’ the job, saying that they had done as much as they could, using a new 10-foot mast, aerial and boosters. They also said a mast any higher (i.e. a 15-footer) would catch the wind and flap around too much. And that I’m in a bit of a dip (it’s a shallow valley), which would not help.
However, after the intervening three weeks, I'm still getting random loss of picture and pixelation several times every day and evening. This happens mainly on HD, which has been rendered pretty much unuseable, so we now tend to be stuck on the old style non-HD ‘fluffy-vision’ most of the time. But what’s the point in paying for a new box of tricks if you can’t enjoy the HD channels it supposedly provides.


Whilst I’m not particularly happy about the situation, I accept that Robbie at BT and the aerial guys have done all they possibly can to try to sort out the issues, for which I am grateful.


So, while I’m locked into my 12-month contract with BT TV until August/September, it looks like I must simply bite the bullet until then, when I can finally make the decision to cancel the contract. Not happy, but there you go.


Once again, thanks to Robbie Mac for trying get this issue sorted, and also those of you in this discussion who have tried to help - your constructive comments have been appreciated.

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Re: BT TV fiasco...

What signal level  and quality is the YouView box reporting?


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Re: BT TV fiasco...

Hi Keith, thanks for your question.


I'm currently showing 100% on both signal strength and quality. Interestingly, the picture just blacked out at 15:10 this afternoon (Sunday 25 Feb) - loss of programme and black screen for approx 4-5 seconds.  That's one of the things that keeps happening - the other being sudden pixelation across the entire screen, either as a one-off or in conjunction with the black screen.


Watched C4 HD last night - we noted that there was no loss of picture or any pixelation all evening.

As I said, it's random - and very annoying. We had clear skies last nght, so maybe it's weather-related? 



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Re: BT TV fiasco...


That is too much signal, as it could quite easily be over 100% and will cause the symptoms you describe, as the signal level exceeds what the YouView box can cope with.


Please read this page Picture breakup or missing FreeView channels



Are you sure that this was not the problem to start with, which is why I asked you earlier in this thread, but you never replied


You will need to connected to BT Broadband to access any links I post which are hosted on my website..
If you are connected to BT Broadband, and you cannot access them, then please let me know on this thread. Thanks.



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Re: BT TV fiasco...

Thanks Keith - the signal before was up and down and all over the place - never static on either Strength or Quality. Yes, should have replied to you on that post, but was distracted by a rather bellicose message from an individual obviously into 'flaming'.


Ok, I'll look into the Maplins attenuator option and report back.


Many thanks.

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Re: BT TV fiasco...

The issue of too much signal is often overlooked, as yo can see from the other threads I liked to. The variable attenuator is the easiest option, and I think you will find that it sorts your problem out.


The booster has probably not helped. If its accessibly, you might try bypassing it to see if it cures the problem.


In the early days of the old 625 line analogue TV, it was quite common to get cross modulation if signal level was too high.

This caused breakup and patterning on the TV screen.


It was often made worse by aerial installers, who though the problem was due to a weak signal. We used to carry 6 and 12DB attenuators in our vans, for that very purpose Smiley Wink

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