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Re: BT Ultrafast Installation diary


May 1st:
Received and activated £130 Reward Card. No info yet on second card.

May 2nd:
Telecon from BT - investigation of online account problems has found 'coding glitch'.

May 9th:
Telecon from BT - still being investigated, bit more complex than they first thought.

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Re: BT Ultrafast Installation diary


May 18th
Telecon from BT - still being investigated.

May 27th
Send email to BT as now past latest date for receiving Mobile reward card. Receive out of office till 4th June response.

June 1st
Boilerplate letter from BT apologising for delay and giving contact details for Ombudsman.

June 4th
Telecon from BT gift card team asking for details of expected reward card and will ring back. Ring back to tell me they will be sending a £60 Reward Card.
Then telecon from IT team - account coding bug still not resolved and dont have a timescale to resolve it but will keep me updated.

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Re: BT Ultrafast Installation diary

Strewth - what a way to run a telephone company. Of course the nay-sayers  will respond with "an isolated incident". (in your dreams)

Blame it on Brexit or Remain depending on what happens

A joy in store for when I get FTTP - or not based on your experience...

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Re: BT Ultrafast Installation diary


The FTTP service itself is fine. But judging from posts on this forum there are lots of issues with reward cards / gifts. I'm not annoyed with BT, just a bit disappointed. Hopefully others reading this will see that they may need to keep chasing BT (and any other organisation) to get things sorted. Nevertheless, its only a first world problem - I'm not a migrant drowning in the Mediterranean while trying to seek a better life.

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Re: BT Ultrafast Installation diary

You're very charitable!

You're right - in the greater scheme of things your irritations are minor and at last you've got what you ordered. However, it not be so.

In trying to get some answers I've seen (here and elsewhere) many complaints and 'challenges' which could be solved by proper systems  and processes.  It's not really good enough.

But, hey, the customer is the last link in the chain - so who cares?

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Re: BT Ultrafast Installation diary


June 11th
Telecon from BT - coding bug still not resolved and dont have a timescale to resolve it, but because it will need extensive testing then adding to a scheduled release it could be several months, so from now on I will get monthly updates.

June 24th
Telecon from BT requesting another screen shot of problem with full URL, which was sent and acknowledged.

July 5th
Reward card has not arrived after 30 days (yet again). Send email to complaint handler

July 7th
No response from complaint handler, but automated email that reward card is on its way

July 11th
Automated email that card will be delivered within 10 working days

July 26th
Card not received. Ring BT who say sorry there has been a 'general supply problem', but we hope to send your card out next week. No guarantees though. Suggest it would have been helpful if BT had notified their customers of the delay to save unnecessary phone calls.

No further update yet on account fix.

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Re: BT Ultrafast Installation diary


July 30th

Finally receive reward card after 4 month delay. Slight issue with activation, but sorted.

Fix for the account bug will be a separate story.

The End

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