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BT Ultrafast Installation diary

As there is not much information about the real life installation of BT Ultrafast, I've started this diary to record the whole process for other people's information.
We have always had slow broadband due to distance from the cabinet, but at the start of the year Openreach installed an FTTP splitter on a nearby pole but didnt tell anyone. It was only after being annoyed by TalkTalk trying to charge £4 a month for freeview that I went on the broadband checker and found that BT Ultrafast was available.
After pondering for a while I was finally tempted by the latest offers, so on March 5th after 13 years with TalkTalk, I ordered BT Ultrafast 1, with rewards of a £130 card, free tech up to £179, and another £50 card for ordering a SIM.
The online ordering process allows you to select an installation date for cabling in the fibre optic modem so I've chosen March 19th.
I then got emails confirming the order with dates of March 6th for SIM delivery and March 18th for Router delivery.
I also got an email from TalkTalk notifying the contract termination cost.
I've cleared ivy from the front of the house to allow the new overhead cable to go through the wall as the existing copper cable goes through a window frame.

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Re: BT Ultrafast Installation diary


I also got an email from TalkTalk notifying the contract termination cost.

Hi @clonk 

Don’t forget to claim back that termination cost if you eligible up to £300.

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Re: BT Ultrafast Installation diary

Thanks a lot - I wasn't aware of that - only £20 but better than a poke in the eye. I'll add that experience to the diary when it occurs.

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Re: BT Ultrafast Installation diary

Openreach would have informed all their customers. Talk Talk being one of them.

Unfortunately Talk Talk don't offer FTTP ATM. Welcome to BT though and also the forum.

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Re: BT Ultrafast Installation diary

Diary continued ...

March 7th:
Received new SIM in post. Went to website to activate, but got error:
Sorry, but something's gone wrong. Error while fetching your account details. Please try agian[sic] later

Contacted BT Live Chat who did the activation for me, but couldn't quite grasp that it wasn't because I didn't know how to do it myself - the website wouldn't let me.
Contacted Vodafone to cancel current contract and get a PAC number. Was offered a much improved plan at a lower cost. Also told that because BT Mobile use EE, that BT Mobile data users are traffic managed as EE customers get priority - its like only being able to use one lane of a five lane motorway.
When PAC code received, returned to BT website to transfer number, and got same error as before, so back to BT Live Chat to sort it.
My number should transfer on March 8th.
Also received an email confirming that I will be able to choose a free tech, but no mention of reward cards yet.

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Re: BT Ultrafast Installation diary

Diary continued ...

March 8th:
Old mobile number successfully transferred.
Openreach engineer turned up to do site survey. Friendly guy, told him where I wanted the cable to go and the modem to be fitted, all fine.
Later on logged on to BT website to view order - got error:
Some internal error occurred. Sorry, something's gone wrong and we can't access your order

Contacted Live Chat who weren't able to fix, so asked me to ring Order Team.
On phone for nearly two hours - helpful advisor who tried everything he could to fix problem, but finally had to pass it on to technical team. Confirmed that order was still valid.
Need to wait till Monday 11th to see if it has been fixed.

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Re: BT Ultrafast Installation diary

Diary continued ...

March 14th:

Decided to upgrade to family SIMs as good value. My online account has still not been fixed, so had to call Live Chat to activate and port SIMs which was straightforward. As my account has not been fixed I have raised a formal complaint.

Received email that router will be delivered on 18th as expected.

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Re: BT Ultrafast Installation diary

Diary continued ...

March 16th:
Get call from Complaints, who give me number for Technical Team. Contact them, but seem confused as they deal with line faults, so they contact Technical team and come back to say no problems found. Tell them that BT has already acknowledged there is a problem, so they agree to forward the problem to Technical team. Eh?
Receive new Smart Hub router in the post.

March 19th
Check if online account has been fixed - no.
Openreach engineer arrives for installation. Show him where I want drop cable to go down wall and thru wall into a cupboard. Drills hole thru wall about 10mm diameter, and fits cabinet inside the cupboard. The cabinet contains the modem (Huawei EchoLife) and a battery back up unit with 4 AA rechargeables. Engineer has to wait for another engineer with a hoist to instal the new cable into the splitter on the pole and bring it across to the house. The cable is a twinned fibre optic (the larger part) and 2 wire phone (the smaller part).
My existing phone line went thru a window frame so I asked if he could get rid of it and take both parts of the new cable thru the wall into the cupboard and fit a new master phone socket which he did. New wiring is a lot neater than the old wiring.
Engineer connects everything up and has connection but no service. Goes back to the van to spend half an hour talking to BT. Turns out that the modem serial number was not recognised for my BT account so had to be input manually. Now it might be a coincidence but after this my online account finally started working.
The whole installation took about 5 hours. Engineer didnt want any refreshments.
The sync speed is 1000Mbs down / 1000Mbs up
The tested speed to hub is 127Mbs down / 31Mbs up with ping 10ms.
For signing up to BT I should get:
- broadband reward card that can be claimed when broadband activated
- mobile reward card that can be claimed 30 days after SIMs activated
- choice of free tech for which I will receive an email after 14 days.
So I went on to my newly working online account to claim my broadband reward card but it says I dont have one.
Oh well, Complaints are suppposed to ring me tomorrow so I'll ask them.


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Re: BT Ultrafast Installation diary

You have to wait 14 days after activation, before you can claim the reward card for the broadband, and 30 days for the mobile one. 14 days for the free tech.

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Re: BT Ultrafast Installation diary

I based my understanding on BT website which states:

How to claim your BT Reward Card

2. Get set up

You can claim once your broadband is up and running. For mobile, you’ll need to wait 30 days after you’ve activated your SIM – or 30 days after you’ve received your phone for handset plans.  

So I contacted Live Chat would didnt know so passed me on to Value Team who didnt know but spoke to a supervisor who said yes - have to wait 14 days.

So I suggested that BT should update its website to make ths clear.


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