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Re: BT Ultrafast Installation diary

Had the service for 2 weeks now - all fine, last test was 149 down, 31 up.

Received email to claim free tech and should receive my selection next week.

Reward cards aren't available yet, but I'll give it a few more days.

Received my final bill from TalkTalk which was actually a credit, but they don't refund automatically, you have to apply for the refund and wait 10 days while they think about it.

Sent the final bill to the BT switch team to get a refund of my TalkTalk contract breakage fee.

Slightly caught out by BT mobile - MMS are not free.

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Re: BT Ultrafast Installation diary

Just a heads up, your online BT account always "breaks", using the word breaks lightly, when you order something new. Then on activation date it will return to normal. 9 years experience on that one.
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Re: BT Ultrafast Installation diary


Yes, my account was 'fixed' by the activation. Your post indicates that this is a long term ongoing defect so why haven't BT rectified it. Presumably there is no communication between customer support and the IT dept - which is probably outsourced anyway so only showstoppers get fixed.

Received confirmation from BT that my TalkTalk contract breakage fee would be refunded. I'm surprised that BT dont publicise this as I only found out by the post from @VeteranISPUser 

TalkTalk emailed that they have approved my credit refund.

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Re: BT Ultrafast Installation diary

I think @Traynor87 is only going by his own experience.

Glad everything is OK for you @clonk .

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Re: BT Ultrafast Installation diary

Yes, that's my experience and I'm OK with it as I know it will be sorted after the activation date.
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Re: BT Ultrafast Installation diary

Diary continued ...

April 10th:

Free tech (tablet) arrived - all good. Also included were six £75 wine vouchers. Are BT hoping that customers will over indulge so that they don't notice that they havent got a BT reward card.

Cant claim broadband reward card as still not listed and well overdue, so contact Live Chat who after some faffing about inform me that I will receive an email in a weeks time to tell me how to claim. Eh?
Ring BT and end up with Faults Team who know nothing about reward cards but will try and help. After 25 mins mostly on hold they have to give up and suggest ringing Purecard who administer the cards. Ring Purecard who say they cant do anything until BT send them my details.
So round in circles. Do BT deliberately make it difficult to get a Reward card to encourage you to give up?

OK, OK, you wanna play games, you wanna play rough?


Ring BT to make a formal complaint and end up with Value Team, who eventually say there is some unspecified problem so will arrange to have the card sent to me and it should arrive in a week. Also have a complaint number in case this doesn't happen. Next week it will be time to claim the mobile reward card - more fun.

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Re: BT Ultrafast Installation diary

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Re: BT Ultrafast Installation diary



I'm fully aware of the website.

Claim your reward

This is where you'll find any rewards that are available to claim. 
If you don't see your reward below, have a look at our Rewards history and FAQs sections for eligibility requirements.

No rewards available at the moment.

If you bought a package through one of our partners, please have a look at their website for more information.

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Re: BT Ultrafast Installation diary

April 24th:

Finally received a follow up call from BT about my reward card complaint, to say that I wasn't entitled to reward cards. Told them I had screen shots so they said to email them. Before I could send the email they rang back to say that they had rechecked and I was correct. Then said I could either have the reward cards or an equivalent discount on my broadband bill, and they would send an email within an hour.

10 minutes later my broadband failed. Used the automated online process to raise the fault, which should be fixed by 29th. Logged on to my account to check that the BT Plus benefits of Mini Hub and unlimited mobile data would be activated. Got message saying there was an error preventing the activation. Rang customer support, put on hold for 10 minutes then cut off. Rang again, put on hold then said it needed to be escalated for manual override and I would receive confirmation email in an hour.

After an hour, no email, went to account, no longer an error, but open fault no longer listed. Rang customer support, who confirmed fault was still open but there was something odd, put on hold while they checked. Confirmed that supplier was aware and that I would receive email within an hour about BT Plus benefits, but couldn't explain account problem. No follow on communication, so BT have failed to deliver on their Keep Connected Promise.

Separately hadn't received reward card follow up email, so sent chaser email including the screenshots.

April 25th:

Receive phone call then email that reward cards (£130 + £50) will be received within 30 days, so apparent progress. The second card should have been £55 but I couldn't be bothered to tempt fate as it could all go wrong again. Still no communication on Keep Connected Promise, so ring customer services who say mini hub has now been ordered by manager override but wont be delivered till 26th - a day late. Ask about unlimited mobile data promise and put on hold for 15 minutes then told there is a problem so it has been sent to the Escalation Team who the agent GUARANTEES will DEFINITELY ring back within 2 hours. I ask what to do if the call doesn't come but the agent insists that it will.

In the meantime I notice an Openreach van in the road for half an hour. After he leaves I check the broadband and it is now working again. No notification from BT though and I cant check fault status due to the usual 'Some internal error occurred' problem.

I don't get the GUARANTEED call. Call customer services who put me on hold then tell me the Escalation Team will call me back. After a couple of minutes I'm called and told that they still haven't been able to order the mini hub (so previous agent was wrong) or change the mobile data but do recognise that there is a data integrity issue with my account (finally!). I am assured that the Escalation Team will now own the problem and I will receive regular updates.

Received automated email that the broadband fault is being investigated (after it was fixed). Status update that Broadband Backup is now switched off (never got it on the first place).

Received promised telecon from Escalation Team - a mini hub is being sent out even though no longer needed so that it is available for a future fault - good. Unlimited data not being activated as fault fixed. Did use 2GB of allowance while broadband down, but as shouldn't go over monthly limit I wont make a fuss. Will receive another call tomorrow regarding fixing the account problems. So hopefully things are finally going to be sorted.

Tried running a speed test on my newly restored connection - got 'something went wrong error'. Oh well cant have everything.

One positive thing, my next broadband bill has been credited with a refund of my Talktalk cancellation fee.

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Re: BT Ultrafast Installation diary


April 26th

Telecon from Fault Escalation Team. Account had wrong markers preventing Broadband Backup being activated, this should now be fixed.
Explained continuing problems with website, so requested to send an email with screenshots for investigation. It was good that someone was willing to own the whole problem, even though this part was outside their remit.

Received Mini Hub for use in future broadband failures.
This is a 4G device that provides a Wifi hotspot, and is the size of a small phone containing a SIM and battery, with a USB cable for charging the battery.


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