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BT WIFI Disk Issue

So I'm currently on Halo 1 which runs fine via my smarthub2. I recently purchased 1 wifi disc (not from bt and not brand new) to try and boost the wifi in an area of the house that struggles with the signal a little. I've connected the disk fine and it works (sometimes). The issue I'm having is that although the smarthub and the disk are both showing steady blue lights, when the disk is switched on the wifi stops working -it's only the wifi though as I have a desktop pc connected to the hub via ethernet and it runs with no issues at all. When this happens if I turn the disc off the wifi starts working again. The issue has been intermittent but this past week has been worse than before to the extentn that I've just turned the disk off altogether.
I've removed the disc via the app and re-paired it (again it pairs fine and shows steady blue light) but the same issue with only the wifi is still happening. 
I did wonder if there was a problem with the disk and our cordless phone (which sit on the same table) could be clashing but I've take the phone out the loop and that doesn't rectify things.
Any help would be much appreciated

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