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BT WIFI with FON not working

Hello all
I've been using BT WIFI with FON on my android and have had no problems.

I tried to log on a few days ago as normal and now get a err_unknown_url_scheme.

I haven't changed anything on my phone as far as I know.

Any ideas????
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Re: BT WIFI with FON not working

Hi @Hollinshead72

Can you try and connect another device to the Fon Hot spot and see if that connects?

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Re: BT WIFI with FON not working

This worked on my Android 7 Cheap Chinese Phone

I had all sorts of problems from no home hub connection to bt wifi which worked fine 6 months ago doing nothing.
I tried lots of things but this worked on my machine, it might on yours 🙂
Uninstall bt wifi....I needed to also remove the 9 wifi connections installed by bt wifi from my saved wifi connections in wifi settings because when you uninstall bt wifi it leaves all the connections in place, not good.
At the same time I removed, by forgeting them, every wifi connection in wifi in app settings, so I had a clean slate to start again,... No wifi connections saved..
Reloaded my home hub which then worked fine, no more ... authentication problem....
Reinstalled btwifi and set it up,its been working 100% as should do since then, 6 days and counting.
I had about 25 saved networks on my phone I can only assume these saved networks interfere with bt wifi, I will not know untill I load more networks in as to whether bt wifi will become unstable again.
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