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BT Whole Home Firmware v1.02.05 Build10

A new thread to cover this latest firmware and to avoid confusion with the previous version

From DanielS

Re: Wholehome firmware v1.02.05 build 01

Hi Everyone,

Starting today, we're releasing new software and Apps for Whole Home Wi-Fi.

We’ve made the following improvements in a new update of Firmware (v1.02.05build10) and a new App (iOS v1.02.12, Android v.1.02.13):

o Updated the Wi-Fi driver to further improve Wi-Fi stability and to avoid having to switch off legacy steering (where this was an issue in some environments)

o Fixed a communication issue for devices running iOS 9.3.5 where the previous App showed no response from your network, or Wi-Fi offline messages

o Addressed a bug that was sometimes causing the device list to become muddled.  For those of you affected by this bug we’ve added a new button which lets you clear the device list and start afresh without the need to factory reset your whole home discs. Please note the new Reset Device List button only appears if you have both the latest App and latest Firmware (v1.02.05build10) and you might need to restart the App to see it.

New software update for Whole Home Wi-Fi

Version 1.02.05build10 

  1. The update will happen automatically within the next few weeks if your discs are set to auto-update on the BT WholeHome App
  2. You can also apply it manually through the App.  If the server is busy when you manually update, please be patient and try another time or day
  3. After the update, we recommend you leave your discs for two days to allow them to settle into their configuration
  4. During this time your Wi-Fi connection will be working fine, but you may see lights turning amber and blue and short drops in connection. If this happens we recommend not moving your discs or adjusting any settings
  5. When your network has settled, you may also notice that the disc layout displayed on the App is different or that your devices connect to a different disc – this is completely normal
  6. If you have good internet connection on all your devices, your Whole Home Wi-Fi is working properly and there should be no need to tamper with its layout or network configuration.





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Re: BT Whole Home Firmware v1.02.05 Build10

New firmware and new App (Android) downloaded. All okay so far.

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Re: BT Whole Home Firmware v1.02.05 Build10

I’ll wait a few days, but I very much hope this now works well for everyone 

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Re: BT Whole Home Firmware v1.02.05 Build10

Had my first issue yesterday where 2 discs from 5 went red, the first seemingly causing the second to happen even though I believe they weren’t daisy chained, which required a whole system restart.
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Re: BT Whole Home Firmware v1.02.05 Build10

My 1.02.05 build 01 gave me problems last night requiring a restart.  I was going to wait a few days before upgrading to build 10 but decided it was a good time given the restart.

Started the upgrade from the updated iOS client - 2 of the discs updated the other 2 borked and just dropped off.  I had to remove them and add them again but also suffered a duplicate name.  Managed to fix that and all are running as expected on build 10.  So far no issues but I'm going to clear the known devices list just to make it a bit cleaner perhaps.

I purchased my discs in 2 pairs of 2, so possibly related to the upgrade issue but not feeling confident at the moment.  Just waiting for the 'Dad, the Internet's broken AGAIN' shout from upstairs... 😞

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Re: BT Whole Home Firmware v1.02.05 Build10

I updated via my iPhone and all working as expected!

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Re: BT Whole Home Firmware v1.02.05 Build10

How do you clear the devices list? I’ve got lots of unknowns and visitors phones in my offline list, but can’t see how to delete them. 

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Re: BT Whole Home Firmware v1.02.05 Build10

Both the app and firmware need to be up to date and in the app at the bottom you’ll get a red Reset Devices button in the Devices section.
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Re: BT Whole Home Firmware v1.02.05 Build10

FYI we now seem to have two threads for the new firmware. I posted this yesterday on the other thread: Day 2 on new firmware: One device has lost it's name and added itself to a group it wasn't meant to be in and I've had one set of duplicate names. I re-listed the names last night and OK so far but obviously still an issue with names onthe latest firmware.
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Re: BT Whole Home Firmware v1.02.05 Build10

Interesting addition in this new BT app is seeing the wired devices attached directly to my Virgin router (i.e. not connected to the Whole Home) and is also seeing the router itself. Strangely the router is showing in the BT app as offline?? It's not offline.
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