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BT Whole Home Set up Failure

Hi all,

I bought and set up a BT Whole Home 3 disc system at the beginning of September. It's worked beautifully until this week when my ISP (vriginmedia) had a fault in the area and we lost all input into the house for 5 days.  We got a signal back from VM on Saturday morning. What hasn't returned is any blue lights on any bt wholehome discs.

I contacted BT support on Saturday morning and they diagnosed that the discs were no longer working and told me to take them back to the retailer I bought them from for an exchange.  I picked up the new discs this afternoon (Sunday).  I have connect the first and have a solid red light. 

The app doesn't tell me what to do. I have searched the fora and there is no information on what to do. Technical support is not open until Monday at 9am by which time I will be at work and I won't be home until after they shut at 5.30, same on Tuesday and Wednesday.

I have rebooted my router in case it is the cause. No change. Used 3 different ethernet cables. No change. Used different ethernet ports on the router. No change.

Is anyone on here able to give me some direction on how to get this very expensive bit of kit to work?

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Re: BT Whole Home Set up Failure

Hi, first thing first, can you confirm that your virgin router gives out a working Internet connection.
Without using the discs, connect one of your device either to Ethernet or Wifi of your virgin router. Does that give you access to the internet okay? Keep it going for a little while as your connection could be intermittent.
If internet is working okay this way then let us know and someone may havee other ideas to help you.
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