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BT Whole Home Wi-Fi system date time incorrect


I recently noticed that my BT Whole Home Wi-Fi system isn't showing the right time. 

First time I noticed was when I recently try to set certain device to be offline at certain time, but it has gone all over the place. 

I then login the web UI and check the log, to my surprised, the log time has gone back to the past, showing a 2019 date time when I am in 2020. 

I tried to run a firmware update, not sure whether this will affect it or not, but it is telling me I am running the latest firmware. It is currently on v1.02.08 build02. But I understand the latest one should be v1.02.12 build02.

Is there a way I can set the correct time? I did a restart, it's gone worse, the log shows that it is back to 2018 now. 

I guess I could set all my discs back to Factor settings and try again, but that's quite annoying. Why is it getting the incorrect date time to begin with? I would have thought that I got internet, surely it is not that difficult to sync the date time?

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Re: BT Whole Home Wi-Fi system date time incorrect

Hi jw0ng,

Sorry to hear you are having an issue with you BT Whole Home Wifi system.  Did you manage to get it fixed by resetting the discs?  If not please let me know and we can log at obtaining the logs form you to have a more detailed look as to what may be causing the issue.

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Re: BT Whole Home Wi-Fi system date time incorrect

Hi, I managed to get the latest firmware and the date time to normal. 

after much experimenting, it seems like setting the discs to static IP outside of the DHCP range might have causing the date time gone rogue. 

my DHCP range are set to 

In order to prevent my discs got randomly assigned internal IP, I set the discs to to 103. This seems to have causing the date time issue. 

if I tick the “obtain IP automatically” in the Whole Home settings. The date return in sync. Then I set it to static IP 101 to 103 seems to have no problem, the date and time still sync. 

is this a bug or what? 

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Re: BT Whole Home Wi-Fi system date time incorrect

Thanks jw0ng.

Can you confirm which firmware version you are using and also confirm which DNS server address you entered when you selected static IP?


If the wrong DNS server was configured then the NTP sync would fail and time wouldn’t be set correctly, which would result in the issue you were seeing.

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Re: BT Whole Home Wi-Fi system date time incorrect


It is now v1.02.12 build02. 

DNS set to use (cloud flare ones)

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