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BT Whole Home with Sky Q and Sky ISP

Hi completely clueless so grateful for any help. 



Have Sky q and 2 mini boxes plus sky fibre broadband. Broadband router and a mini box in front room. Main sky q 2tb box in back room. One mini box in loft.  


The mini box in the loft got no reception up there so barely worked. We couldn’t move the master socket (in front living room) to somewhere more central. Sky engineer suggested bt whole home. Got the 3 disc and set it up. All works fine. Upon setting up, the app told me to change all devices currently connected to the old sky broadband network to the new BT one (ie the discs). I have done that and the mobile and iPad work fine. 



Here’s the silly question. Do I have to now connected each of  the sky q boxes to the new BT network that the discs have created? I would assume so given that we need the WiFi to reach the loft where the mini box is (currently getting no WiFi using original sky setup). If so, how? The sky q box only finds the old sky router and not the new BT network created by the discs. 


Many thanks in advance 

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Re: BT Whole Home with Sky Q and Sky ISP

This is a BT Retail customer forum for customers of BT phone and broadband.

You would be better posting on the Sky Users Forum, as nobody here would be using a Sky router.

You could also contact the product helpline for advice.

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Re: BT Whole Home with Sky Q and Sky ISP

They sent me here!! 

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Re: BT Whole Home with Sky Q and Sky ISP

@Pedro84 wrote:

They sent me here!! 

Not sure why, as you are one of their customers. The product is marketed under the BT name, for all ISPs, but the specific setup is going to be dependent on the ISP equipment.

The only general guide, which is really aimed at BT Retail users, is this one.

BT have their own complete wifi solution which is only for BT broadband customers.


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Re: BT Whole Home with Sky Q and Sky ISP

Can’t you use a Powerline adapter be more reliable than any WiFi setup..

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Re: BT Whole Home with Sky Q and Sky ISP

Hi @Pedro84 welcome to the community and thanks for posting. I might be wrong but my understanding is that the main Sky Q box connects to the wifi from your router then the main box has it's own wireless mesh network which the mini boxes connect to.  I've seen other posts where they've connected the Sky mini box to the Whole home wifi disc by ethernet which has worked. 

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