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BT Whole home premuim WiFi system

Hi All,

I have used the old original BTWholeHome Wifi System, not the premium and not the Mini system but the original one that came out first for quite a few years now.

I was very impressed by this system as it worked flawlessly so when I noticed the premium system I thougt hey better performance so why not, Currently I am with Virgin media for an ISP And have the 360Meg BB package from them.

With the old system which was 2 disks connected wirelessly the performance was good, I was usally hitting around 200 download speed and the full 36 upload so thought I will purchase the premium system as it is WiFi 6 so performance can only be better.

On first set up I was really impressed as I was maxing the full speed of my connection using the disk in the same location, this is where the good times ended.

The new system I was delivered on the 2nd of February so have had it in place for a 2 nearly 3 months now, I have about 20 devices connected between 2 disks (I bought the 3 disk system but only using 2 disks currently) the connection has been somewhat unreliable, so much so that tonight I have removed the premium system and went back to the old original system.

I have noticed when I run a ping from any of my wireless PC's that I get around 3% packet loss over a period of say 6 hours with the new system in place and have had multiple problems along the way. I was running the ping to from a wires and wireless client, the wired client showed no drops, I am currently performing the same test on the old wholehome system to see if the same problem is shown.

I feel this product has been realeased far too early as it feels like the product should still be in beta, I dont think the product is worth the £300 I paid, tonight the WiFi has been working flawlessly on the old system so there is probably still some bugs that need ironed out with the new premium system, I cannot stress my disappointment, the other issue I noticed is none of my WiFi 6 devcies actually connect using WiFi 6 either which means when I go out into my back garden I lose perfomance as the signal is not as stong, again quite disappointed by this as it was listed on the description on Amazon that it supported WiFi 6 and diod not mention that this was only for the backhaul so I feel like its a bit of a cheat and not a true WiFi 6 system but was happy to live with it initially, after nearly 3 months of use I have came to the conlusion it is just not ready to be used in a stable enviroment, also the amount of times my laptop has been kicked off of my works VPN on the new system has been horrendus, this never used to happen on the old system and again part of the reason I have put the old system back in place.

Currently it is in the box in the hope that later firmwaree upgrades will come out and make the system more as stable as the previous wholehgome system is.

Really just came on here to raise the concern as I dont have time to spend with support working through the issues, In my honest opionion it doesnt make any sense to me why the old system is so much more stable than what is supposed to be the all singing all dancing premium system it does not feel very premium to me as I bought this purely for reliablity which clearly is not there yet....



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Re: BT Whole home premuim WiFi system

so after spending quite a few hours reading on the forum last nightit looks like I am not alone with the problems with the new premium system.

Just for awareness I was running firmware


On the old whole home system I ran a constant ping overnight night, the results were very different to the premium system there was 0% packet loss as opposed to 3% packet loss on the premium system.

Also I seem to have a problem with the rules not always working either and it seems I am not alone there too.

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Re: BT Whole home premuim WiFi system

Hi DeekB, thanks for confirming you had installed the firmware upgrade on your WHW Premium system.

Whilst the update has resolved issues for some customers we are aware that there are still some that are experiencing issues and we are continuing to investigate those as best we can in these challenging times.

Should you wish to use your Premium system you could try to put your system in modem mode and use a different router between your and the master disc.  However, currently you appear to be using another workaround which is to use your Gen 1 system and you have stability there whilst we endeavour to resolve the outstanding issue.  

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Re: BT Whole home premuim WiFi system

Hi Murray,

Thanks for the reply, I am happy to box the system up and wait for further realsaes or wait untill a time I am not so reliant on my connection being stable  due to the current covid and working from home situation

On the flip side though I am a little bemused how BT can release a product like this with so many bugs, paying £300 to be a beta tester I think could be potentially brand damaging for any new customers, as I stated above I am happy with the performance and reliablility of the old system and the performance of the new system, it just seems the reliability is just not there yet on the new premium system, new customers that have never used a whole home WiFi system probably wont be as happy to do such a thing.

It amazes me nowadays how many company's dont do the relevant testing before releasing a product and then expect the customer base to be beta testers. It would not be so hurtful if the initial release had a discounted price on the basis that there would be some issues or bugs that need to be irnoned out, or even release a few units for testing in customers home for a lower price on the basiss that they are beta testing the product.

Also as of yet I havent give you any infop my my current set up, woudl be happy to try modem mode but not sure how where to start.

So currently I have the Virgin media V3.0 Hub, This is set in Miodem only mode. This goes into The Wan port on Netgear R8500, The R8500 has 6 Ethernet ports, I had the main premium disk dconnected to one of those ports and the second disk was connected wirelessly, also WiFi is diasabled on the R8500 and the V3 hub, I do however have a zibee mesh network for msart home stuff but nmost of my wireless clients are on the 5Ghz band so should not be an issue as zigbee also transmits on the 2,4 Ghz Range, I do have issues accross both bands and have set the channels on the 2.4 Ghz band away from each other  ao they are at different sides of the spectrum.

It is proven though as the previous WiFi System is back in place and working far better, Is there any bugs raised for the packet loss isuses.

As I indcated above I ran a constant ping overnight on the Gen1 system and the packet loss standard at 0%, when doing it overnight for the premium system it stands at about 3%, the traffic should be low overnight I would suspect so not sure why I am seeing packet loss!






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Re: BT Whole home premuim WiFi system

Can I confirm this is your setup 


I am assuming you have no other MESH systems , even Whole Home GEN1 connected at the same time ? 

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Re: BT Whole home premuim WiFi system

Hi Inajr,

That is my set up exactly apart from the 3rd disc I am not using currently as it is for when my garage gets built.

Also I can confirm I am not trying to run the both of them at the same time, the old system went into he box the new system came out of, then last night I took the old system out of that box and then put the old system back in place, the new system is now back in that box

I was going to sell the Gen1 system butr I am glad now that I didnt!

Over the weekend I can put the new system back in place and get any diagnostic info if required.

The main thing for me is the packet loss, I dont think that is healthy anbd think that may be why my connection seem flakey at times on the new system, For instance I have an echo dot which I use for listening to radio, every so soft then radio will cut out, I will say Alexa and I get a red ring on the echo dot as if there is no internet. I also rgularly get kicked off my works VPN, This is the killer for me really.

I have have a 24 port swtich connected to the same router, I have a server attached to that switch which is always running a constant ping, when I get kicked off the VPN or I see the red ring on Alexa I cannot connect to mny server from my wireless PC, however if I used one with a wired one I can connect, I run a constant ping from this serverto, anytime I check after I have had above issue there is never any dropped packets which is telling me its likely not my connection, Since putting the old system back in place I have yet to see any of the issues I have mentioned above which is making it look more like its an issue witht the premium wifi system and not some other piece of equipment I am using!

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Re: BT Whole home premuim WiFi system

I believe firmware SGAB204002 so the Premium used bridge mode architecture, replacing the previous router mode operation.
if you are still having a problem, using the APP SHARE the LOGs with the BT Helpdesk ( App> HELP> EMAIL.SHARE then SEND email) and ask them to be sent on to @Dan-O or @MurrayB I am sure they would like to have a look at the detailed logs

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Re: BT Whole home premuim WiFi system

Thanks, will put the new system back in place some point over the weekend and give that a try!

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Re: BT Whole home premuim WiFi system

Hi All,

Did not get the chance to set it up over the weekend, I have a day off work tomorrow so thought lets set the system back up tonight. I got the new premium system out of the box and removed the old Gen 1 system.

Everyone went to bed around 10PM so thought I would use the time to put the new premium system back in place, I have just wasted 4 hours messing around trying to get the new system working, I cannot believe BT can release a system as flawed as this. I am running out of pateince here and dont think I can take much more of the frustration.

Now onto the crappy poor system not so premium system, I installed the new system reset it to factory defaults, set my usual SSID and password, Reset all the names on my devices as a lot of them are coming in as MAC addresses and unnamed, This takes considerable time as I have around 20 - 30 wireless devices on my network.

I then set up a group for my daughters devices but none of her devices were online so was not able to add them so pressed cancel, this borught up an error in the app but I pressed cancel and it seemed the group was set up but had no devices listed within it, I then noticed I had no internet on any of my wireless devices, when trying to load any Internet page on my phone I was getting an error saying the internet access paused, if you wish to resume please log into the whole home app or the web interface, opening the whole home app did nothing, it was clear it was not able to connect to the whole home system rebooting my phone and manually rebooting the disks did not solve the issue, I had the same problem, I could load the web interface from a PC and my phone although these devices has no internet access which I found strange, at this point I did not know why I could access the system via the web page but coudl not do so via the app, I also could not access the internet from any of these devices. I spent a while troubleshooting and rebooting everything to no avail!

 I reset the whole home system to factory setting, I then connected with the default username and SSID, I then went rhrough above process of reseting all my online devices again which again took considerable time as I need to reference each mac on a spreadsheet which is really annoying, I then went through the same process of setting up my daughters group to be met again with the same error and then again I lost access to the internet.

So it would seem there is some fundemental flaws with the groups, After just wasting  4 and a half hours of my time going through all this to identify this same bug I thought sod this I am not going through that whole process again tonight so the new premium system again has been chucked back in the box and the old Gen 1 system has been put back in place.

I think I am getting close to just returning the system to Amazon as it is seriously not fit for purpose and I am flabbergasted on how you can release a system that has so many bugs and prblems, end users want a system you can just set up, our in place and have no problems, WE ARE NOT BETA TESTERS!!!! I have totally lost confidence in the brand and feel this premium system is far from premium, the old gen 1 system is far more reliable and has more of a premium feel to it although the performance is just not there compared to the premuim system which lacks so much reliability, I was not even able to capture the logs due to the issues encountered but the system is still in the same state just not connected or powered up, I am really annoyed and dissapointed at this point!

I also do not have time to keep messing around in this manner as my wife is also currently working from home so cant just keep swapping the Wifi systems around.

I ama pretty sure you can probably replicate the issue I have described above by carrying out the same steps, make a group, dont add devices then press cancel, the group will be present but you shoudl l be faced with an error and all the other devices will lose thier internet connection, if there is a way to work around this problem without having to factory reset everythign from scratch again I am all ears????

Really getting to the end of my tether here, also to note the old Wifi system is rock solid when in place so it is 100% related to this new system!

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Re: BT Whole home premuim WiFi system

Sorry if my latest reply seemed a bit salty but I was quite annoyed the other night and I feel paying £300 for a wifi system that just seems to have problem after problem is just not right for an end user in my opionion.

I have set the Wifi System back up today, I have not yet set any groups up and everything seem to be running ok at the moment, logs will follow as soon as I have issues as Amazon prbably wont refund me as I have used it for the best part of 3 - 4 months so will probably need to stick and help work throuhg the bugs and iussues with it no matter how annoying and frustrating this whole process has ben, It should have been sufficently tested with all these issues ironed out before it was released for sale to the pbulic, anyway enough of the moaning now I just need to accept where we are with it!

I also noticed another bug in the app when setting it back up this morning, I reset to facotry defaults, if you leave a space after entering the SSID it tells you invalid network name, if you then delete the space it will not let you save it, you need to go back to the main settings page then click change network settings and ensure there is no spaces. Minor but it still seems like a bug, I know there should probably not be a space at the end of the SSID, this was entered automatically bymy phone, you should be-able to remove this space and then save it rather than haviong to go back a page and then re-enter a page.

I will keep updating this thread when I keep encountering issues and I weill sends the logs anytime I run into issues  (Where possible) as the issue with the groups the other night it knocked me offline and I could not access the APP.

Another good feature to add would be if you could back up your current config\devices to a file so if ytou ever need to factory reset you dont need to then reset the names of all your devices, I looked and currently I cannot find this functionality if it exists!

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