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BT Wi-Fi / BT Fon using 2.4GHz frequency question

Hi all,

I hope everyone is well?

Over the last couple of weeks, I have noticed signifiacant drop outs and high ping times (exceeding 900ms) on 2.4GHz, on all devices (those in a couple of rooms away from the router, those right next it, and everything in between). The drop outs / high pings happen to all the devices connected to this frequency at exactly the same time (PC, mobile and Amazon Echo). Wired connections, and those on 5GHz remain consistently stable. 

Initially, I reported this incident as a broadband fault (I didn't notice that wired/5GHz connections were unaffected) and BT were kind enough to send through a new BT Hub 6A router. 

New router plugged in, same issues instantly. 

The issue seems to only occur during the day (10:00 - 18:00) and clear up by the evening (normal pings 16-24ms with the occasional blip north of that) which got me thinking; whilst BT state that my bandwidth will remain mine if I need it, could a "heavy" user's device connected to the BT Fon signal emitted from my router cause my bad connectivity during these hours?

Prior to this, my connections have been superb, and nothing within my household has changed in the last couple of weeks. Was wondering what everyone's thoughts were, and if they have exoperienced something similar?


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Re: BT Wi-Fi / BT Fon using 2.4GHz frequency question

Your home usage has priority over BTWIFI/FON so don't think that is problem

if using hh6 have you split the networks? Have you selected channels manually instead of automatic as may be another hub close by causing interference? Have you tried changing mode?

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Re: BT Wi-Fi / BT Fon using 2.4GHz frequency question

Hi, thank you for your reply.

Yes, the networks are split, which is how I was able to troubleshoot which frequency was affected. 

I should have mentioned that I had indeed changed the channels, again, with no change to the drop outs or the frequency of them and high pings.

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Re: BT Wi-Fi / BT Fon using 2.4GHz frequency question

I had a BT engineer round yesterday to look and he collaborates with what I suspect - my issue is being caused by the BT Fon network emitted from my router, and probably a heavy user connected. 

Again this morning, I have extremely high pings and disconnects and it's affecting my all my devices on 2.4GHz

I have logged a call to "opt out" but have been advised that this can take up to 28 days. I don't find this acceptable in the slightest. I work from home a lot and it's affecting my output.

Please can a solution be reached sooner?


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Re: BT Wi-Fi / BT Fon using 2.4GHz frequency question

As you have priority over BT Wifi/FON, it should not affect your speed.

Its more likely that there is a lot of other wireless networks close by, causing interference.

Do you happen to have an Android smartphone or tablet?

If you want to try disabling BT Wifi quicker, you could try this.

Email with your request to have BT Wi-fi disabled and include your hub serial number.

Copy it from the hub technical log as it needs to include all the symbols not just numbers.

If you work from home, then it would be best to use an Ethernet connected computer.

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