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BT WiFi app on iOS - login failing

Anyone else having issues connecting to BT WiFi hotspots?

The app keeps stating my username and password is incorrect one minute then logs in the next, plus i can log in via the BT WiFi landing page via my browser on my iPhone with the same credentials it saying are incorrect (9 times out of 10) and its fine so i know my details are correct

When i do actually manage to get logged in the app i then try and download the profile for BT-WiFi-X and it again tells me my credentials are incorrect most of the time, then i managed to download the profile and go to connect to BTWiFi-X and again the majority of the time it fails, not always though.  I have tried logging in the app via 4G and my own WiFi .    I have also tried different BT-WiFi hotspots, one at work and one in my area at home (turned my BT router off) that i get signal to, plus my own BT hubs, BT-Wifi hotspot, all are playing up regarding not being able to download the profile or the app telling me i have the wrong details, yet manually logging in works fine.

When i do connect manually via a browser to the BT-FON hotspot it connects and the internet works so its not a case of the hotspots being down or my credentials being wrong.

Uninstalled, rebooted, installed, rebooted even changed my password

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