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BT WiFi hotspot connection vs

Using HP i5 Laptop with Windows 10, Firefox and a USB WiFi adaptor with external aerial.

Around 3 weeks ago I tried logging into a weak BT WiFi hot spot while my boat was on its home mooring. I had done so many times before and although it was a slow connection it was good enough to get by - I should add that the BT Mobile signal is virtually non-existent so I can't use that. On this occasion my account name an password were not recognised, I couldn't get connected and even the login page took several minuutes to load. I'd spent about 2 hours repeatedly trying. The next day I contacted BT for advice, the support line having ceased at 9pm, and after some discussion was given a voucher code and password to use on This worked brilliantly and the speed was good enough to view news video. So, how did they do this and how will I be able to get similar speeds when I am there next?

Any ideas are welcome.

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Re: BT WiFi hotspot connection vs

Hi @Stingers welcome to the community and thanks for posting. The improvement in speed and connection would not have been due to anything the advisor did for you after on the phone.

The BT WiFi hotspots are often transmitted from our customers home broadband routers so the signal quality can't be guaranteed as the customer may turn off the router or Opt-out of the service. They may also be using the connection themselves and are given priority over the available bandwidth so there is nothing you can really do other than move closer towards the hotspot to try and improve the signal strength. 

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