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BT Wifi disc issue signal dropping


I have recently upgraded to Full Fiber 100. Before the upgrade I had a BTHub 6 plus a black wifi disc. Both paired without any issues. I received the newer BT Hub as part of the upgrade and now what I ma finding is that the Black Wifi disc is regularly dropping connection (turning red). I am familiar with the set up and connection . I have tried on several occasions to reconnect the black disc to the hub as per instructions. It woks for a couple of days and then suddenly for no reason that I can think about, the connection drops. Fiber100 is fine. Can anybody advise me if there is anything else I can do to sort this issue out or perhaps can I get a replacement Black Disc - i should point out that the black Wifi Disc was the one given to me as part of the last BTHub that i ordered some time ago.


Thanks fro any advise or help

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Re: BT Wifi disc issue signal dropping

Hi @TecHKnow 

Thanks for your post and welcome back!

I'm sorry for the problems you're having with your Complete Wi-fi disc.  I understand that this was working fine until your recent upgrade to Fibre 100.  I assume you upgraded from FTTC to FTTP and that's the reason why the new Hub was sent out?

Are you any further forward since posting this?  If you're still having problems reply back as we can give you a hand from here.



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Re: BT Wifi disc issue signal dropping

No further on with the problem. Note I have had to re-register because I have had to change my passwords across all my network systems. Just to clarify, I have reset BT Smart Hub and Black Wifi Extender disc. The situation is okay for about a week then suddenly I get the flashing red light on the disc. I thought it may have been an interruption to power in my room or house but surely an interruption of power should not create those difficulties. 

When I upgrade my package to Fiber to the home (Red port on hub) do I not get a replacement Disc sent to me. The disc I have was for the Fiber to the Cabinet (Yellow port)

Thank you for any advice or help that you can provide

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Re: BT Wifi disc issue signal dropping

Hi @techknowuk  thanks for the update and sorry you are still having a problem. There is only 1 type of complete wifi disc so it won't matter whether you are on FTTC or FTTP. 

Have a look at the Online Troubleshooter, in the still having trouble with my wifi section, when you are having this problem and it should pick up a fault with the disc and arrange a replacement disc to be sent to you.



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