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BT baby monitor 6000 camera offline

My monitor has recently started to display “looks like your camera is offline” it will only return if I set up the monitor again by holding the link button and reenrering the details. This wasn’t so bad he hen only having to do it once a week but the first my naughtier moved into a toddler bed and it’s stopped working and camera is offline already and it’s not been on for more than 7hrs. 
our internet connection is fine and bedroom is only next door so isn’t far away. 
please help, im so worried not being able to check on my daughter, completely unacceptable from a really expensive monitor! 
-I have tried deleting the app but still no luck  

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Re: BT baby monitor 6000 camera offline

Hi @AcaciaShore I'm really sorry to see you're experiencing problems with your BT Baby monitor and I can appreciate the worry this must be causing you. If you still need help with this I'd recommend getting in touch with the baby monitor helpdesk on 0808 100 6554 Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm

Or by email: Click here for email support



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