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BT bill so high!

Why is my BT bill so high? It is saying £91.99, I checked and its showing up as £45.49 for my phone and internet so where is this number coming from? At most is always £49-50, I have had a lot of issues getting connected when I moved and now this!

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Re: BT bill so high!

If you go to MYBT you should be able to see your bill and then go to details and see where the charges come from  you can check with the previous month to see where the increase arises

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Re: BT bill so high!

I just saw this on the bill "Part month charge: Charge of £42.56 for your new service from 15 May (£45.49 /month)" I moved house recently, may explain why my bill was so low in May?

But internet was activated in April, had some issues with the phone.

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