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Message 1 of 2 website issues

I think there are problems with the BT web site. The website tells me I am paying a lot less for my broadband than I actually am as shown in my bill. Also on the My Products page it thinks I have only two products when I have in fact all 5 and won't allow me to manage my landline and get access to the blocked call feature.

Also I am having problems with the My BT app. I don't update apps automatically on my phone so I still have version 8.6.10 on my phone which works perfectly. My tablet and a spare phone I have did update to version 8.7.5 and they too have problems accessing part of my account.

I have a log open for this and understand the developers are looking at these issues.

Regards Mike
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Re: website issues

you should update to latest version of the app especially if you have SH2

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