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BT sport with EE

Hi, hope someone can clarify.

I was looking at BT Sport monthly pass last night and looking through the advertising 4k & HDR are included. I kept scrolling down and saw that EE customers can get BT Sport app cheaper (including on a big screen) than the advertised £25 per month or just on a device (further cheaper).

I wanted this for the benefit of the big screen in my living room so went ahead and added it to my account and downloaded the app with the account activation following shortly.

As I was watching I thought the picture quality wasn't great, even for hd, and appreciate connection speed can be a factor so had a look into settings etc and checked compatibility.

In the graphic that followed, all appeared with green ticks except the ability to watch in 4k as I was advised I need to upgrade my subscription?

Can anyone advise?

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Re: BT sport with EE

With an EE subscription, there are 2 add-ons - one to add the ability to watch on a large screen (large screen add on), and the other to watch in 4K/HDR (Ultimate add on). They are purchased individually, and in your case you want them both.
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