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BT2500 quad - How to de-register old plantronics C65 headset to make space for new C565 Headset

I have a BT2500 DECT phone (originally with 4 handsets). I have had a Plantronics C65 paired to the phone for many years. Recently I bought a new Plantronics headset - C565 DECT to replace the old C65 DECT headset. The BT2500 allows a max capacity of 5 devices paired at one time, so I had to remove one device to register the new headset (C565).

The problem has arisen that I am able to follow the manufacturers instructions (BT) and de-register any of the hand sets, but I am not able to de-register the C65 headset. Currently I have 3 handsets and 2 headsets  paired with the base station (5 being the max permitted), but the BT2500 only displays the 3 handsets in the settings options for de-pairing!

Can anyone suggest why the 2 headsets are not shown in the phone display, (not only for de-registering, but also for internal intercom). Also how I can de-register the old C65 to allow me to have the 4 handsets/1 headset setup I desire.

I have spoken to Plantronics helpline (now Poly), they are unable to help, suggesting it is a problem with the BT2500 phone.

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Re: BT2500 quad - How to de-register old plantronics C65 headset to make space for new C565 Headset

Hi @bakersbarrel and welcome to the community.

I'm sorry your having problems with your set up. I've had a look through the BT2500 user guide but can't find any reference to de-registering a headset. I think your best bet would be to drop an email to the product support team who might be able to help. You'll find the email contact link at product helpdesk information .



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Re: BT2500 quad - How to de-register old plantronics C65 headset to make space for new C565 Headset

Hi bakersbarrel,

This isn't a problem with the Plantronics devices, it's a "feature" (= bug) of the BT software.  I have four BT2500 handsets but can only register three of them with the base station because I (foolishly) first registered two BT4600 DECT phones with it, with the same result as you - the two BT4600 DECT phones don't show up in the "De-register" listing but they are still registered because they can be used with the new base station to make and receive calls.

What's ironic is that two of the BT4600 phones have older handset software versions that have a bug preventing the handset volume from being varied: so they have to be immediately switched to loudspeaker in order to be able to hear the caller.

What WON'T remove the two "ghost" registrations... (1) resetting any or all of the handsets; (2) resetting the base station; (3) power cycling either or both of them after reset; (4) registering any or all of the handsets with a different base station and then unregistering them.  Like you, I'm stumped and near giving up.  In theory DECT phones meet a common functional specification, but in reality even DECT phones from the same manufacturer/brand have "train smash" incompatibilities.  😞

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