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BTsport app on ios


ive bought the £25 sport pass to use the app on an iPad and Apple TV but when I open the app all the channels are locked and I get a ‘upgrade from sports lite to bt sport ‘ message when I try to watch anything. Not even sure what the sports lite package is(?) but I don’t have it. Also,  any attempt to watch anything live gets a ‘you’re not connected to the internet’ message (which I am). BT helpline noted that my iPad ip address is noted as Arizona despite me being in the uk and not using a vpn….altogether a bit of a disaster.

Have  tried multiple, iPad resets, app uninstalls, logouts and nothing changes….just want to watch the football!


any help appreciated..



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Re: BTsport app on ios

@Scott7 your BT ID actually has *2* BT Sport Monthly passes on it! I don't have access to view your bill, but based on your account I would guess you're probably paying for it twice?

I'm not sure how this could happen, but it appears to be confusing the app.

I would recommend calling the helpdesk and asking them to cancel both subscriptions so that it can be set up again. I would normally offer to help get it sorted, but I'm on holiday for the next 3 weeks so am limited in what I can do.

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Re: BTsport app on ios

Hi thanks for this - will try and get in touch with BT (not easy…)

I also tried a different email address and made the purchase on a pc but the same thing happens when I log into the ios app with the different details - all the channels are locked, the app thinks its on a ‘lite package’ and need to upgrade and effectively I cant watch anything (either on a pc web player, iPad, Apple TV or anything else)

I’ll cancel the accounts but not sure that’s where the problem lies tbh. Seems more like a weird mix of my service provider (virgin), my ID or passwords and ios? My location also seems to be an issue…

wonder if anyone else had experienced this?


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